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9 Link Building Tips for Better Search Engine Rankings

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Most of website owners and bloggers are unaware about the true power of link building, so they simply keep on ignoring it and spend their valuable time in less productive things. Being an Webmaster, I can surely tell you, link building is not going to help you get high page rank and rankings in search engines but will also increase brand value for your website by spreading quality backlinks for your website in different domains. In today’s article, I’m going to share 10 link building techniques one can use to get high ranking for his website and blog:

Add Pop Out Social Bookmarking Widget with Smooth Jquery Hover Effect

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Pop Out Social Bookmarking Widget with Smooth Jquery Hover Effect for blogger, this is upgraded from the previous version How to add floating social media (Google +1, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumbleupon) buttons on blogger, but here i added Social Bookmarking Widget with simple Jquery hover Effect. You can See the live demo on the left side of the demo page and when mouse over the badge with Social Bookmarking buttons is visible by Sliding to right.

List Of 50+ Dofollow Blogs in 2012

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 If you’re looking for dofollow blogs, this post will be giving you a another list of over 50 dofollow blogs.

If you missed the previous list then check this: List Of 250+ DoFollow Blogs.

If you are very familiar with SEO, then you already know the effect of link building and we all know that for Google, nofollow blogs are absolutely useless while dofollow brings almost instant results.

Here are 51 purely dofollow blogs for you to comment on so as to improve your Search Engine Rankings Significantly.

List Of 250+ DoFollow Blogs

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If you want to increase Traffic on your blog or website, then start commenting on do-follow blogs. It is one of the best way to increase your backlinks.It means that if you submit a comment with your home page to these blogs then Search Engines will count that link as a back link.

So here is 250+ Do follow blogs where you can simply comment to gain backlinks Feel free to add more dofollow blog link by commenting below.

How To Enable Blogger Threaded Commenting Option!

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Blogger has recently announced the threaded comment system to all official BlogSpot templates. Blogger now supports threaded commenting. Your readers can now easily interact with more freedom and flexibility while leaving replies or posting comments. Normal Comments and Comment replies can easily be differentiated from each other. Previously we would use a Reply button to reply to comments and often used the traditional method of using the @ symbol to point to a specific commentator.

Now Blogger team has released the wordpress like commenting system.You can enable it by following these steps.

How To Increase Traffic With The Old Contents Of Your Blog

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In your early days of blogging, your blog had a very little traffic coming to your site everyday, or you didn’t have any traffic at all. The contents that you built during that time would haven’t reached many people because you didn’t have enough traffic when it was actually published, and when your blog’s traffic has grown those old contents will be buried and rarely people go deep into your archive. So those old contents didn’t reach many people!

You can make use of those articles again(when you have built a large readers base) to make sure that those content which were also build working hard is read by your readers. Now in this posts, I will discuss about how to take your readers back to old stuffs on your blog and show them “Old is Gold”