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6 Most Horrible Design Mistakes That Bloggers Make

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6 Most Horrible Design Mistakes That Bloggers Make

Blogging and designing are two totally different things and sweet thing is that mostly designers are not bloggers, but bloggers are always designers.

Bloggers do a lot of designing to their blogs without anyone's help, which is certainly a good thing. But bad thing is that while they do this, they make a lot of horrible mistakes which will let to the failure of the blog.

Now you must be thinking about your blog and questioning your designing ability and your creativity so without further I do, here are some horrible design mistakes that bloggers make no matter knowingly or unknowingly.

Depositphotos Review: A Best Place to Buy and Sell Premium Royalty-free Stock Photos

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When we think that which one is important for a successful blog, of course it's content But The only thing which your readers notice before reading your blog content is the images used in the article/content.
A picture is worth a thousand words
Images are one of the best way of sharing information around the online world. Each day thousands of photos get uploaded on the internet, and more than a million likes and shares are done on Facebook for images.

The above given information clearly shows the importance of photos on the internet. I have personally seen that a lot of bloggers ignore the importance of images and they do not add images in their blog posts which will have a drastic impact on the engagement of their blog.

Whether you’re a blogger, a designer or an Advertiser, Everyone needs high quality royalty-free photos. But what if you couldn't make photos for your blog post? What if you are not an illustrator? What will you do now?

In that case the best option is to get some services which provides you lot of professional images that you can use in your blog. Today we are going to see one of such service called Depositphotos.


Elice - A Responsive Blogger Template

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Elice a Free Responsive Blogger Theme
Elice a responsive blogger template, This theme is the first free theme fully designed by me. All the themes Previously published in BTNT are WordPress themes which is converted to blogger Templates. From This theme I've stopped converting other themes to blogger template and publishing it for free (Theme conversion will be made for clients, I haven't made any any changes to services). In future All The free themes from BTNT are fully designed by me. ;) I Hope you like my own designs and give your support to me like you did before.

Elice is a Elegant looking theme with a custom opt-in form on the top of the homepage and sidebar in post page, Fast loading, SEO Optimized and much more...