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Ajax Based Sitemap Widget for Blogger Blog

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Sitemap Widget for Blogger
When I was designing Vestro Blogger Template I created an ajax based featured post widget, I liked How it worked without affecting the performance of the theme. So, Today I'm going to publish a sitemap widget for blogger based on ajax.

Sitemap is a must have page for every blog, it can help to improve your blog navigation and also to reduce the blog's bounce rate.

The sitemap widget we're going to add today shows a list of articles on the latest published order under each categories. A demo is worth more than a thousand words, you can check the live demo below. :D

If you like the widget please consider sharing it with your friends. ^_^

Vestro - A Responsive Blogger Template

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Vestro a responsive blogger template
This is the Second article of the theme series, A New Beginning. Each Sunday, you can check BTNT for new themes. ;)
Vestro Blogger template is a simple stylish 3 column Gallery style blogger template. It has a custom featured post widget on homepage which is designed based on ajax, Thus the feature post will load much smoothly without affecting the page loading.

The images in the gallery are optimized to resize according to the screen size thus increasing the page load time. If your blog is focused on cooking, photography or any other niche which need to feature lots of images.

This theme is the perfect match for you. ;)

Awesome Related Post Widget for Blogger

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Awesome Related Post Widget for Blogger
In BTNT, I've already published few related post widget in the past, It's been a while since I've published a new related post widget. Today I've designed a advanced related post widget using CSS3. It is designed on the focus of matching the Ravia theme but it can be used on any other templates, as the design can blend with other templates also.

Previously Published Related post widgets:-
Check out the Live demo for better understanding.

Activo - A Responsive Blogger Template

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Activo a responsive blogger template
This is the first article of the theme series which I announced here as A New Beginning, Each Sunday, you can check BTNT for new themes. ;)
As I've mentioned before, I'm happy to announce the starting of the new theme series today, Thank you everyone for your support. Today's theme is designed as per a reader's request Pradip Singha, which I got when I announced the starting of the series.
I'd like to thank him for the suggestion. Thank you bro. :) Each week I'm planning to pick one reader's request and design a widget or theme out of it.

So, Guys feel free to mail me if you think of any widget/theme idea, which you thought will be useful if it get created as a blogger widgets or blogger template, I'll publish it here.

Note:- I stopped publishing converted themes. So, please no conversion request (Conversion can be done as paid job exclusively and won't be published, check here for more details). Just give me a nice concept I'll design it as per your wish ^_^

Activo Blogger theme is a theme inspired from focus a genesis child theme. It has a two column layout with simple at the same time neat look, seeing is better than explaining, have a look at the theme and share your views. :)

Custom Popular Post widget for Blogger

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Popular Post widget for Blogger

Popular post widget is one of the most used widget in blogger, but the default version of the popular post is not really cool. So, we have to customize the look of the popular posts. The blogosphere may already have quite a number of post on customizing the popular post widget.

What makes this post different is, I will update it in future when each time I create a new popular post widget. Each one will be my unique creation.