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OnClick Popup Email Subscription Widget for Blogger using CSS3 and HTML5

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OnClick Popup Email Subscription Widget for Blogger using CSS3 and HTML5

There are many Popup email subscription widgets for blogger out there published by many blogs including BTNT, You can check the previously published Popup subscription widget on BTNT below. The main reason behind designing this widget is performance. All the widget published before uses jquery to function and takes lots of loading time and page size as an result reducing performance. But the widget I'm publishing today is only based on CSS3 and HTML5. So, It loads lighting fast and won't mess with any other widgets.

Also, It comes with a simple eye catching flat design. Click on the live demo link to have a look at the demo yourself ;)

How to Write Content for People and Search Engine

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How to Write Content for People and Search Engine

Should I write for Readers?

Should I write for Search Engines?

Have you ever asked these questions while writing an article for your blog? If yes, you're not alone. Bloggers often ask these questions to themselves. Some even argue that you should focus on people rather than search engines. Focusing on people is a good thing, but is it all right to negate the search engine.

I'd say you should focus on both: People and Search Engines.


The answer is simple, Let's say you write your articles for people, Your blog visitors will love reading your content. As a result your blog visitors will turn into loyal subscribers or customers but for that to happen you need blog traffic which bring new visitors.

Blog traffic can be gained through SEO and Marketing. Apart from marketing search engine optimization (SEO) plays an important role to generate organic traffic to your blog.

So, We need to focus on both to Create an Epic Blog Post.

Okay, Let's not delay any further, Today we're going to learn How to write engaging content for people and optimize it for search engines.
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