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How To Submit Website Or Blog RSS Feeds To Bing

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Improve Traffic By Submitting Feeds To Bing Search Engine
My site analytic statistics show i drive 80% blog traffic from Google search engine for my blog. Since Bing is also evolving you can focus on Bing to get some good traffic from Bing. But in Bing my blog appears somewhere.

This could be happening because I never submit my website to Bing search engine. I thought to share with how how to do this.

1. Open the Bing submit page http://www.bing.com/docs/submit.aspx
2. Type in the characters from picture as shown below.

3. There are couple of options that you can use to enter the website URL
To submit your Website Or Blog Feeds: Type in your RSS feed URL. I have created my RSS feed URL using FeedBurner with full content in the RSS feed.

4. Click Submit button.
5. Once you submit you website or blog this will go to Bing queue and after some time Bing will visit to crawl your website or blog.

I hope it will your website or blog will drive some good traffic from Bing in near future.

1 comment:

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