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How to use Dropbox to host your scripts for free?

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Hear I will tell about how to use Dropbox to host your scripts and other files, Dropbox gives you 2GB free space with 10GB/Day bandwidth. You get public hotlink to share with others.

Register and Install Dropbox

  1. Go to this link and register with Dropbox.
  2. After that you will get an option to download Dropbox application. Download it and install.
  3. During Setup, Select the 2GB free option.
  4. Next, Choose the typical Setup Type. And finish the setup.
  5. A Dropbox folder will be created into the My Documents of your computer. Also an icon is created into your Taskbar.
  6. Now, You've Successfully Created a Dropbox Account.

Hosting/uploading files to Dropbox

There are two ways to upload files to Dropbox.
  1. From Dropbox website - Files > Upload
  2. From your computer - Go to My Documents\Dropbox\Public and drag and drop any file or folder there.
  3. It will be uploaded to Dropbox.
  4. When the file is being uploaded a sync marker will appear on it. And as soon as the uploading is finished a green done mark will appear as shown in adjacent image.
    To get the link of just uploaded file go to Dropbox website and Go to Files tab. Right Click on that file and select Copy public link. This is your uploaded file link
  5. That's it. ;)
Now, You can host your scripts on Dropbox for Free. Let me know if you faced any difficulties regarding this in comments and also feel free to share it with your friends. ;)


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