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The Mistakes That Newbie Bloggers Should Advoid on Blogging

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We are human, so mistakes are inevitable. We will have experience after we had mistake. And the things we could do better compared than animals are we will avoid in order not to repeat such mistakes.

A newbie blogger will have a lot of mistakes in blogging and I’m sure that they don’t want to have them. They want to be a professional and successful blogger, and that is why we created this blog, to help them do what they want easier.

If you are a newbie blogger and want to be a successful blogger, the easy way I think you should do to get this results is do the same things that the successful blogger did. One of them is avoid the mistakes that they had in blogging. So, what is it?

1. Choose Wrong Topic

Choose Wrong Topic

There are many things you can write about. You can write about what you love or what you have knowledge. You can write about love, technology, journalism, science, etc. So, to choose a topic which you will write about is most important.

Many of newbie bloggers chose wrong topic when they started their blogs. They chose the topics which they think it could help them make money. But they were wrong. All of the reasons is they couldn’t make the readers to be trust about what they said. And they were failure.

Personally, I recommend you should only choose the topics that you really have interest and knowledge. That’s all.

2. No Plan

No Plan

No plan will be making everything messing up, and of course, you’d be hard to carry out your goals.

I know you have many things to do. So, you can pass something if you don’t have a plan. If you missed something, which means you missed some chance. That why you need have a plan when you start a blog.

Having a plan will make your job progress smoothly and your success will come more easily.

3. Choose Wrong Blog Platform

Choose Wrong Blog Platform

There are many blog platforms you can use to build a professional blog, and your job is to choose a blog platform that best suits your abilities and your needs.

If blog platforms can’t give the function that you need, you can not do anything.

Even so, the selection of a blog has too many features or surpasses the ability of your control is also not reasonable. If you plan on choosing a blog platform has many features that you are not sure or can not manage the blog, you should not select it.

4. Copy Content

Copy other people’s posts to your blog that is mean nothing is yours. You are just a shadow of others. Surely, readers would not appreciate such bloggers. Furthermore, when the search engines change their algorithms, your blog will receive a “punishment” if you copy the post of another blog. That is why many successful bloggers advice to the newbie bloggers should create the unique content for their blog to get success. You should too.

Copy Content
You should try to avoid to copy other bloggers content because it is the best way to build a brand for your blogs.

5. Use Free Domain and Free Hosting

A free domain will not give readers the trust and professionalism to the site used it. This is certain. Try checking with a small question. You would buy the produce of which the vendor of the two following addresses: BestBuy.com and BestBuy.tk?

Use Free Domain and Free Hosting
Free Hosting to often make your page load time more slowly. And Did you have enough patience to wait for a site load too long? I believe no. You will leave this site. Using Premium Hosting will guarantee work for your blog load faster and stable. That’s why I do not recommend using free hosting.

6. Use Free Themes

Use Free Themes
In fact, there are many free templates for you choose to use for your blog. I’m also sure that many of newbie bloggers will use free themes for their blog. I did that and of course, after a while I realized that this is a mistake. You will be hard to impress and create individual images for the reader to use a Free Themes because so many people have used it. Think carefully before you decide to use Free Themes for your blog.

7. Don’t Update Regularly

This is the mistake which many bloggers have in blogging. There are many reasons why they could not update their blogs regularly. They had no time, they had some important things to do … and so they could not take the care for their blog. But this also is the reason that the traffic to their blog is downing.
Don’t Update Regularly

Readers want new information. There are thousands of blogs existed will be happy to cater to them. If you couldn’t bring it to them, they will leave you. That’s why you should make your blog refresh as much as possible to get more visitors.

8. Don’t Learn About SEO

There are many blogs having good content but it still not have good traffic. Why? I think because of they don’t know how to drive traffic to their blogs. They just wrote and hoped readers will come. But it not happened. They really needed to do more.

Don’t Learn About SEO
There are many ways to get traffic to your blogs, but, from personally, I thought SEO is the best ways to do that. Because of most of us always used the search engine to look for something. And if your blog has high ranking in search results, you will have more chance to getting more visitors. So that’s why you should learn about SEO.

9. No Backup

No Backup

Many of my friends forgot to back up their blog data and unfortunately when their hosting provider had the problem. Their blogs will die for some time and it seems like their efforts have gone. That’s terrible, right? So, make sure that you are regular backup your blog to protect yourselves.

10. Don’t Use Favicon and Gravatar.

The picture makes you prone to irritability rather than words. And you should know that the images may also represent a brand. That’s why you see the apple icon, you’ll think about Apple Inc, or fire fox you will think of the Firefox browser. Favicon for the blog and use Gravatars will be the best way for people to recognize you among hundreds of thousands of other blogs. This is also a way for others to know about your brand.

11. Do Not Reply to Comment

I saw many successful bloggers always reply to every comment they had in their blog. They also recommended too. Why?

Do Not Reply to Comment
Not answer a reader’s comment on the blog is a mistake that you should not have. Because of this was the best way to mount you with your readers, increasing the reader’s trust in you. If possible, please reply to all comments on your blog.

12. Become a Spammer:

Become a Spammer
Comment on other blogs is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your blog. Many people took advantage of it and become a spammer. If you are going to be a spammer, I recommend you remove this idea just because it is not welcomed by everyone, sometimes counterproductive.

13. Choose Wrong Methods to Make Money

There are many ways to make money from your blog, but not all of them are right for their blog. Some niche blog only be suitable for one or two methods.

Choose Wrong Methods to Make Money
For example, when I asked my friend, “ Can I make big money online from my blog with Google Adsense?”, he answered is NO, with my blog niche (my blog niche is blogging), I can make just some cent from GA. That’s truth. I put some GA ads but it don’t work. But when I put it into my other blog niche, I got the result that makes me a big surprise.

So, I think choosing the right ways to make money from your blog is so important.

14. Placing Too Many Ads

Placing Too Many Ads
I tried putting a lot of ads on my blog this past week and there’s one thing I noticed is the amount of visitors to blog less, the percentage of customers leaving the blog has increased. The reason according to my understanding that the ad images made readers uncomfortable, and difficult to focus on blog content. Moreover, too many pictures and java script as well as blog load slower and of course, the reader will not have enough patience and leave your blog.


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