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6 Tips to Get More Comments on your Blog

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Are you having problems getting people to comment on your blog posts? It’s either your comment box isn’t working (which is highly unlikely) or you’re not hitting the right buttons. One of the most ignored ways of building steady readership on a blog is through the use of comment box.
There’s simply no better way of gauging your blog’s health than by measuring the actual number of people who are not only reading your articles, but are actually providing comments and feedback. Below mentioned are few tips which might get your comment box going...


Good quality articles should be informative. But if it fails to tickle your reader’s imagination or leave them no avenue for questioning then your article has only been successful in educating which is good if you’re posting it on Wikipedia.

Asking questions at the end of the article is the most direct way of soliciting your reader’s comments or feedback. These should be easy to answer but refrain from using questions that could be answered by yes or no. Open ended questions offer your readers helps your readers express themselves more freely and is fosters a healthy environment for discussion.


Everything starts with great content. Write on topics you feel strongly about or trending topics that elicit your reader’s opinions. However, this should be in line with your niche and placing political issues on a food blog is not a good idea.

Again, a little bit of creativity and research would help you come up with an interesting topic. Food blogs for example could talk about controversial diet programs or food cuisines that are entirely alien to their readers. The possibilities are limitless and only your imagination could stop you with coming up with a good topic.


The best way to get the ball rolling is to open with your own comment. You could end the article with a question or immediately post a comment after the article giving your personal opinion on the subject. Other methods include sending emails to your readers informing them about the latest blog post and asking them how they feel about it.


Most of the websites that offer a comment box require readers to log in their personal information which could be a bit of a drag if you’re only planning to place a few words or phrases. Some blogs even oblige people to become fans or join the website before allowing them to comment.

Comments and feedbacks give you a deeper insight into what type of audience is reading your blogs. This is why making it easier for people to place their comments gives you a better look into what type of writing works for your blog. A simple opt-in box asking them their email address and user name is a good way of making commenting easier while protecting your blog from spam comments.


Taking a hint from forums, making commenting worthwhile helps generate added interest among your readers. This could be done by allowing them to include links or a signature on their comments. Creating a top list of commenter’s and displaying it at the side bar for example is a wonderful way of showing that you appreciate and acknowledge their efforts. A personal email helps build trust and forge stronger relationships with readers.


Another way of inviting people to write comments on your blogs and drive traffic is to become an active commenter yourself. Sharing your ideas with other blog owners and inviting them to visit and comment on your blog helps build stronger relationship with fellow bloggers.

So, let’s get the comment box working! Any more tricks to share?


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