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5 Ways To Find Blog Post Ideas For Your Blog

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Blog Post Ideas
Sometimes all you need is a good idea. This is more so if you happen to be a blogger. A lot of bloggers have enough time on their hands to blog everyday yet they seem to be lacking ideas. If you are facing a dearth of ideas for blog posts, you are certainly not alone. For bloggers who want to write good quality content that is interesting, a dearth of blog post ideas is something they have to deal with often. But don’t worry. There are ways in which you can find unique blog post ideas for your blog. Here’s how.

Top 10 Tips To Write Blog Post Titles Effectively

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blog post title
Title of your post can make or break your post. This is because; blog title is the one that first pop on search engines and other social networking sites. So, well written post with bad title will let your blog fail. Blog titles alone catch the attention of the reader first. It is one that compels the reader to read further. Therefore, you have to spend more time in crafting a title. Let’s see the Top 10 tips to write captivating titles.

5 Basic On-Page SEO Techniques for New Bloggers

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5 Basic On-Page SEO Techniques for New Bloggers
Every new and upcoming blogger wants to succeed and make good money with his blog. If he is really hardworking and serious in his approach then he might be successful. However according my early experience as a blogger merely hard work is not enough, you have to act smartly.

So to be a successful blogger, SEO or search engine optimization plays an important role. You will hear about SEO as soon as you start blogging. SEO is a vast subject and it is quite natural that a blogger does not know about it comprehensively.

We are also not interested in getting deep inside the world of SEO. However as a blogger you have to know few basic things about SEO. SEO can be divided into two parts. One is On-Page and another is Off-Page. On-Page means the front end and off-page is about codes.

Here we shall discuss about few basic SEO tips regarding On-Page intelligence. So let’s find out one by one.

How To Add Pop Up Email Subscription Form For Blogger Using Jquery

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Update: Now I've published a newer version of this widget, which is fast loading and only uses CSS3 and HTML5 (No Jquery), You can check it out by clicking the following link. ;)
Popup Email Subscription Widget for Blogger using CSS3 and HTML5
Pop Up Email Subscription Form
Pop Up Email Subscription Form For Blogger is a blogger widget using jquery. In this widget the form is created by css3 with a auto check feature and the pop up is created using jQuery. We hope this form helps you to increase your blog readers. Now we can see how to Add The Add Pop Up Email Subscription Form For Your blog. Before that you need to see a live demo for better understanding what we are talking about.you can see the live demo by clicking the floating email icon on the left side of the demo page.

Two New Google+ Gadgets For Your Blogger Blog

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Yesterday Blogger Introduced two New Google+ gadgets, the +1 button and Google+ Badge. You can add it to your blog via the "Add A Gadget" option on your blog layout page.Now we can see how to add these widgets. Firstly a Google +1 button for readers to recommend your blog, and secondly a Google + badge for readers to follow your Google+ updates.

How to Show and Hide Blogger Widgets On Certain Pages?

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How to Show and Hide Blogger Widgets On Certain Pages?
Most of the Webmasters Already Know this Tricks But still we got some requests on how to hide widgets from home page. Now we can see how to show and hide widgets in blogger. Its really important to control widget Display in Blogger. some widgets are meant for homepage only while some makes sense when you show it at your Contact Pages, About Me pages or static pages. So how do we actually do this. The trick is really simple. You just need to enclose your widgets in few pieces of codes. So lets jump straight on how to manage widgets on different pages in blogger.