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Top 10 Tips To Write Blog Post Titles Effectively

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Title of your post can make or break your post. This is because; blog title is the one that first pop on search engines and other social networking sites. So, well written post with bad title will let your blog fail. Blog titles alone catch the attention of the reader first. It is one that compels the reader to read further. Therefore, you have to spend more time in crafting a title. Let’s see the Top 10 tips to write captivating titles.

Top 10 Tips For Writing Post Titles For Your Blog

1. Be Descriptive:

Your title should clearly tell the reader about your content. Of course, it should be creative but should not be a vague one. Ensure to frame, effective title relevant to the content.

2. Use Superlatives

Make sure to include superlatives such as the best, the most, the easiest etc in title.
Your title should be an advertisement to your post.

3. Create A Purpose Driven Title

The title should tell the reader what is to come and why they should read.

4. Use Keywords

Titles are important in SEO. Target audiences are in search of keywords. So, ensure to include main keywords in your title.

5. Be Short

Make your title short and to the point with proper information about the content.

6. Use Trending Phrases

Use of trending words in order to grab the attention of readers. People want to read “hot” topics. However, ensure to use trending words in your niche and it should be relevant to your content and theme.

7. Add Numbers

Title that contains numbers like 7 Tips, 5 proven steps does work.

8. Ask Questions

Asking question helps to capture readers attention. It will increase the curiosity as they want to know how you answer the question. Making such titles is a great way to create call of action.

9. Make Lists

Listing is proven strategy and they are attention grabbers. “Top Ten tips”, “Five biggest Myths” etc certainly draw target audience to your website.

10. Be Powerful And Bold

Secrets, Easy, Free are some of the powerful descriptive words that make people to read your post
Overall, your title should be descriptive, clear, purpose driven and let the reader know what is in it for them. You have only few seconds to grab the attention of your readers.


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