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How to Increase Twitter Followers ?

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This is a guest post written by Sarah Dunbar. Also See How To Become a guest author on BlogTipsNTricks.

Increase Twitter followers
One of the first questions that people ask when they join Twitter is, “How do I get more followers?” Some people want to increase their followers so that the messages they share through Twitter reach a larger audience and others want to earn more followers so that they appear as more of an expert in their field.

Unfortunately, there’s no real science that you can employ to ensure you gain a larger following, but there are a few things that you can do that can give you a better chance of earning one.

Don’t sell

What do you do when you see a tweet that someone posts with a hard sell on it? You tune it out. This is exactly what your followers will do if you try and hard sell through Twitter. And if someone was interested in following you but saw that your last five tweets were trying to make a sale, they’re going to change their mind. People want to be informed, not sold, so make sure that you’re leaving the sales pitches away from Twitter.

Have a presence

If you don’t ever tweet, you’re not going to build followers. You need to make sure that you’re using Twitter. Post useful tweets, re-tweet items you think are valuable, post links to information you think is worth sharing—when you have an active presence on Twitter, you’ll find that you’ll start to earn more followers.

Be social

Don’t just make your Twitter presence all about you. Instead, join conversations, comment on other people’s tweets, ask questions—do whatever you need to do in order to be engaging. People don’t want to follow a hermit; they want to follow a person who will be social with them and appreciate the information they share.

Provide useful content

If your audience does not gain anything from your tweets, you’re not going to earn anymore followers. You want to make sure that you’re using Twitter to share as much valuable information as you possibly can. When your content is useful, people will be more willing to share it on their end, and this will help you grow a larger customer base.

Don’t automate

When you have automated messages, it comes off as if you’re not a real person. Make your posts as natural and as personable as possible. This will make your audience feel as if there’s a real person doing the talking and not a computer-generated system.

Refrain from DMs

Most people understand that DMs are generally made up of spammers. If you want to build a large following, make sure that you’re not sending DMs telling your audience about your efforts, recent news or asking them to also like you on Facebook. If you do this, people will think that you are spam, and you’ll have a hard time gaining new followers.

Even though there’s no set method that you can employ to gain a larger following, you can use these tips to give you a better chance of earning followers. Have a presence, provide useful content, be social, refrain from selling and don’t automate your messaging, and you’ll soon find that your audience is growing larger and larger every day.
About The Author
Sarah Dunbar works for the online marketing team at SEOMap.


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