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Essential Things You Should Know about Google Panda and Penguin

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This is a guest post written by Teyona Dame. Here he explains about Google panda and penguin. Also See How To Become a guest author on BlogTipsNTricks.

google panda and penguin
Online marketing has seen some drastic changes in the past few months, thanks to Google’s Panda and Penguin. Panda and Penguin are algorithms used by Google to calculate and rate websites according to their page rank. These algorithms are designed to stop spam and give websites the best search results in Google search. Major SEO firms and other businesses have had a major impact since the introduction of these algorithms; most websites on the internet had to go undergo a major makeover or has been completely redesigned to suit these algorithms.

It is no longer necessary to fill your content with related keywords to generate traffic to your website, in order to get a good page rank, implementing varied keywords is the way to go. With Penguin and Panda active Google targets quality websites with great content that are presented well, so it is important that websites has to match Penguin and Panda’s basic criteria in order to get a decent page rank in search engines. With Penguin and Panda in place article spinning is not effective as it used to be, so in order to gain natural links unique content for articles has to be written.

Google Panda:

Google Panda is an algorithm developed by Google, and is a predecessor to Google’s ranking algorithm called search results. The main function of Panda is to push top quality websites higher up the search results for search engines. Google Panda determines if a website is of top quality or of low quality and sorts them out according to their rankings. Google Panda is the first of its kind algorithm to employ Artificial Intelligence (AI) to determine the quality of a website by rating the following parameters:
  • Traffic flow ( Recurring Value )
  • Web design layout.
  • Speed & reliability.
Google then analyzes the result and check for similarities with other websites with the same content material and will rank the website based on its content. For most websites featuring high up Google’s search results is the main priority, and getting up there is very competitive. Based on Panda’s evaluation a website can gain or lose its potential to generate income.

Google Penguin:

Google Penguin is the most recent algorithm that was released early this year; Penguin is a more advanced version of Panda. Penguin’s main aim is to decrease the ever increasing “Black Hat” optimization for search engine techniques. Panda is designed to track down websites that are in direct violation to Webmaster Tools, and cut down page ranks for such websites. Other SEO techniques that are termed Black Hat and can be traced by Google Penguin are:
  • Websites involved in generating links schemes.
  • Duplicating content deliberately.
  • Websites using Cloaking techniques.
  • Stuffing keywords.
  • Websites with back links from same anchor text.
When Penguin tracks down one of these websites, a notice is sent to the website owner stating that the website is in violation and is using Black Hat tactics to promote the website. These websites are then filtered from Google’s search results using Penguin.

Difference between Google Panda & Penguin:

Google Panda & Penguin are designed for the same purpose to filter the top quality websites from other websites and help them get a high page rank. But the features and functions may vary slightly, but Google has achieved what these algorithms were intended for.
About The Author
This Article is written by Teyona Dame.


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