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How to Generate Traffic to Your Blog in 2013

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Traffic is the most important factor any blog for its success. There are almost 100-200 (on average) blogs are created per day on internet.
How to Generate Traffic to Your Blog in 2013

Standing out from this much big crowd and generating traffic to your blog is probably so hard for a newbie or even experienced blogger. Today I'm going to share some of the BEST working tips to increase traffic of your blog and make it successful.

Social Media

Social media has become a synonym of search engine optimization now-a-days. Mostly if you want to get ranked better at Google then getting more g+ shares helps a lot. Also other social media shares and exposure helps.

Social Media is also main traffic source of my blog. I get almost 50% traffic from social media and 30% from search and 20% from other sources or direct traffic.

The secret to get social media traffic is to - build relationships. Give your fans and followers something new. Make others follow you. Then share your posts on your social media profiles, I know you get traffic guaranteed.

Pinterest is awesome traffic source too. Publish info-graphics on your blogs and if your pin gets more re-pins then it can make your blog a top blog in no time.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Like the old days, now we can't generate traffic from search engine with the black hat techniques. Use white-hat and normal SEO techniques and get better rank.

Maintain a keyword density of 2-3%. Bold and italic your keywords and that's it. If your content is quality then you'll get a good rank for sure.

After publishing a post, get backlinks from high PR and high authority sites. This will help you get better rank in search engines and thus HUGE TRAFFIC.

Guest Posting

You should try to do some guest posts on various blogs on your niche. You'll reach new visitors through this and also earn some backlinks too.

Target blogs having PR 2 (at least) and at least 1k daily traffic. You'll get enough exposure if your guest post gets live on a blog suiting above requirement.

As soon as your writing skills will grow up do guest posts on top blogs and get higher traffic.

Drive traffic from Question & Answer sites

People ask lots of questions daily on web. There are related to various niches and topics. The most popular q and a sites are Yahoo Answers and Quora.

Answer the questions of different people from there. At the end of the answer, place a link of your blog. If your answer quality is nice then it may get well rank in search and then you'll get lots of traffic. Just keep one thing in mind that you are doing this for helping the people. Don't do spam there, Please!

Observe your blog traffic

Implement Google Analytics in your blog to know comprehensive details of your blogs traffic. You will be able to know the exact keywords what people search and come to your blog. You can know your audience's demographics and more.

Observe that with which keyword the most of your traffic comes. Write more posts related to that topic. Create series of posts if required.

You'll get ranked well for those too. This is little-know strategy so don't tell it to anyone, Just between you and me ;)

Add images in your posts

Almost every search engine has an image search option too. If you blog gets ranked well for a keyword in image-search then you may get lots of traffic too.

To get ranked well for images in your posts, use proper alt and title tag. Use keywords around the image too. This also helps to get an image ranked better.

Up to you

I shared some well-working tips to increase your blog's traffic. Do you also have any awesome tips?

I would like to hear them from your in comments. I hope you liked the above tips to increase traffic of your blog.

About The Author
I am JafarDhada from RightBlogTips.com. I write about content writing tips and blogging tips at Right Blog Tips. You should read my SEO tips for 2013 to rank better in search engine in 2013. See you soon at my blog. :)


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