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Balance a Free Responsive Blogger Theme

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Balance a Free Responsive Blogger Theme
Hi buddy's, It's been a While since we publish a new Blogger theme. After Publishing Minimum a Responsive Blogger template we didn't publish any new theme. OK, Lets come to the point. Now We are happy to publish another WordPress converted Blogger theme, Balance A responsive blogger template.

Like Minimum theme, Balance is also a WordPress Child theme Which is Designed by studio press. This theme is a Responsive theme with grid layout, Clean And Elegant look. It's also has a opt-in subscribe widget in homepage and a opt-in sidebar subscribe widget in post page. You can also see a live demo of the theme using the link below. ;)

The main Features of Balance - A Responsive Blogger Template

  • Nice and Clean Design
  • Responsive Theme Layout
  • Elegant look
  • Grid Style
  • SEO Optimized
  • Fast loading Theme
  • Opt-in form on home page
  • Drop Down Navigation Menu
  • Custom About me widget
  • Page navigation Widget
  • Stunning Threaded Comments Section
  • Customized heading tags (h1 to h6)
  • opt-in subscribe form in Sidebar
  • Custom Forms

Download Balance a Responsive Blogger Template

How to Upload the Blogger Template

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Locate your Blog if you have more then one blog.
  2. Click on More Options Drop Down and choose Template
  3. Click on the Backup/Restore button on Top Right Corner
  4. Click on Download Full Template button to backup your Old template for safety
  5. Click the Browse button and locate Minimum a Responsive blogger template.
  6. Click on the Upload Button. And you are Done!


Basic Steps : These are basic steps you need to follow for each customization.
  1. On New Blogger Dashboard Go to Template > Edit HTML Button
  2. Ignore the Warning and Click the Proceed button
  3. Check/Tick the Expand Widget Template checkbox

Customize the Navigation Menu

Search for the Following Code
<!-- Main Menu -->
After that you will see a Link list items Customize it your own.

Customize Opt-In Email forms (Subscribe form in homepage and on the sidebar)

  1. There are Two email subscription form in this template
  2. Search for <!-- Opt-In Subscribe --> code
  3. you can find three results from searching Because there are three subscribe widget.
  4. After that you will see the codes for email form. In the form you have to change the chandeepsblogtips with your feedburner Id Four times. (Two times for each widget.)
    The username for your feed can be found at the end of your feed URL.For example our feedburner URL is http://feeds.feedburner.com/chandeepsblogtips , with chandeepsblogtips as the username.
  5. Now change the headline and description of the subscription widgets with your own words. (if you have any query feel free to leave a comment below)

Customize the Home page Opt-In form info (Info on the left side of the Opt-In form in home page)

Search for the Following Code
<!-- Opt-In Info --> 
After that you will see the Info, Customize it your own.

Terms and Conditions

Please follow our four simple terms and conditions before using this template. :)
  • You can Use this Template for Personal and Commercial Use.
  • You must keep the Footer links Intact. (Please Respect our hard work)
  • you can Re-Distribute but you must give us the credits and you must keep the footer links with out editing!
  • If you like the Template then Please Feel free to Share it!
I hope You all liked this template. Kindly leave your views about your this theme in comment and Don't for to Share it. ;)


== 14/6/2013 ==
+ Fixed Sidebar overlapping error and small bugs.
+ Fixed Default Blogger Share Buttons
+ Supports Google+ Comments
+ Improved Title Tags
+ SEO Optimized Post Titles
+ Improved Responsiveness
+ Optimized Images for Better Responsiveness
+ Broken Image updated from Photobucket To Google Picasa. (It also helps to increase the loading speed)


  1. Another great template! You're truly awesome Chan Deep! :D

    Danial Abdul Rahim

    1. On that demo templates, you mentioning that we can edit the comment. is that true or i'm make a missunderstanding?

  2. supperb work dear, really looking great, will gone try it on one of my blogs, i hope it's coding is easy to understand

  3. WOW. Another impressive blogger template Chan Deep. I really love all the templates that you made. Keep up the good work :D

    What make XenForo Stand Out from the Crowd

  4. Great Work Deep May I Have To Try It To My Blog :D

  5. Chan Deep, I request and beg you. Please make a gaming wordpress theme

  6. Again a cool template.. you are awesome........

  7. hi, thanks for your cool template.. but i have a problem, i want to reduce space between blog post, please see my home page, there are huge gap between two post, how can i reduce it? please help me. my blog ---> http://bdprozukti.blogspot.com/

    1. Hi, I just checked your blog I can't see any gaps in-between the post.

      Can you explain a little.

  8. please try to fix your template's footer . it doesn't work properly. some widget doesn't work for the problem of footer. in browser chrome it work properly but in other browser , the footer doesn't work properly , thank you.

  9. Nice Template :) how i can hide the images in home page and show it in the posts pages ?
    please help me
    Thank You

  10. Hi,

    Everyone thanks for commenting ;)

  11. This will be another addition to my responsive templates collection. Thanks Bro,.


  13. One of the best and awesome and professional template ever :) Thanks Chan Deep for this precious template :)

    - Bishal Biswas

  14. You're welcome, Thanks for commenting :D

  15. displaying message,

    We were unable to save your template.
    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly. XML error message:
    Content is not allowed in prolog.


    1. Hi Sheila,

      It's working fine. Please Try again by following the procedures given above. :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Hi, I just placed the Balance theme on my website, http://www.jackiecapersbrownblog.com and the individual helping me with this is unable to move the Google ad that is between my posts. Can you let me know what needs to be done to correct this? Also, do you know how I can go about getting the slideshow plug in for this theme? Is it possible on Blogger or that is just for Word Press?

    1. Seems you've removed the credit links in the attribution, you're not supposed to removed the credits. So, kindly add it back or change to another theme.

  17. Thank you for a great theme Chandeep! I love genesis framework and now it's here in Blogspot.

    BTW, I have a bit problem that breadcrumbs is out of where it should be. please check here:


    Thank you :)

    1. Hi don,

      Thanks for using the theme. you've removed some CSS codes related to breadcrumbs while making the customization. To fix it add the following css code in the theme. :)

      .post-breadcrumbs { margin-top: -21.3%; background: none; width: 960px; }

      Thanks Again..

    2. Thanks for you reply Chandeep. I've already added the given code but somehow it's still the same. I wonder when I inspect the code, it doesn't use .post-breadcrumbs, but .breadcrumbs. I've been trying to find the solution but not yet so far..

    3. Just send me a copy of the template. :) I'll fix it.


  18. It's just perfect, but is it possible to disable the newsletter field on the top? Thanks.

    1. yeah it's possible. Just search for HTML4 in the template and remove the entire widget, Now save the theme. That's all :)

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Absolutely love this template! Posted a question about the columns but I figured it out as soon as I posted it. Thanks for the template! :-)

  20. A responsive theme (as the one used for this website), is an approach to web development that allows a website to break itself down smoothly across multiple monitor sizes, screen resolutions, and platforms, be it a computer, tablet or mobile device. It allows the developer to create a site that is optimized for each platform, both in navigation, readability and load time. - See more at: responsive themes

  21. Hi
    Can I buy this template ? (remove footer link?)

    1. Yeah, you can buy a license this template to remove footer links. for more details contact me using the contact page or mail at contact [at] blogtipsntricks [d0t] com

  22. Great theme! I love it Chan :)
    Could you tell me how to put make google ads space on this theme?
    Thanks a lot

  23. Hi Chandeep,

    Nice theme thanks, we are using it on our blog here: http://thestylemagnate.sizemikk.com.

    The main issue we have is its handling of images on the home page. Your theme by default stretches to fit the space which generally doesn't work well and distorts them. We modified it to just a fixed height (I think) but still not a good solution. Any suggestions?


  24. Look this problem!

    When i checked the template your meta tag section has this line

    meta content='noindex,noarchive' name='robots'/

    this will not index the blog in Google ????

    Please Reply.....

  25. Yeah, but you have to note the previous line of the code.

    This code is indeed used to not index the blog but hear I used this code to hide the archive pages in Google to improve the SEO. ^_^ It does not affect the blog indexing.

    We don't need to index the archive pages.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. How do we add sharing buttons in this template ?

    1. let me know, where you want to add share button?

    2. Hi Chandeep, i am trying to add them below the post titles, i tried few online posts which describe how to do it, but none of it worked, after adding the code it does not show anything in actual post

    3. To add it after post titles search for the following code.

      <div class='post-body entry-content' expr:id='&quot;post-body-&quot; + data:post.id'>

      Now Add the share Button code before the above link and save your template.

      Problem Solved. :)

  28. bro awesome is small a word for your this template and thank you is small a word for your work.
    bro how to put adsense code on this template please help me

    1. Thanks bro, Glad you liked it.

      Where do you want to show the ads?

    2. near the header and at side bar bro can this template have a darker background just like ur blog or the elisee theme

    3. Sorry bro, we can't show ads near the header.

      To show ads in sidebar you can use the template layout page.

      Then there is no darker background in btnt or elise theme. I didn't use any...

  29. I could not install this template. I gotten an error:
    We were unable to save your template.
    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly. XML error message:
    (SyntaxError) : Unexpected token <

    How can i fix it?

    1. Please try again. If the problem occur again, kindly contact me with a screenshot of the error message.

      Thanks :)

  30. When I upload the the Balance theme there isn't the opt-in email form at the top and I don't know how to add it.

    Any ideas why this isn't working?

    1. Can you give me the page link where you found the error.


  31. Mr. Chandeep I just send you an email about this template

    I want to ask about how to take my adsense code at below the title of my article

    Thank you

  32. i like this template so much. but, where is the search button?
    fix it please.


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