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How to Do Guest Blogging Correctly

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How to Do Guest Blogging Correctly
You don’t need to create a number of blogs just to promote your site. You can do so with multiple channels. Aside from social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on, you can use guest posting as a link building technique to harness your SEO strategy. By guest blogging, traffic will be increased and your interaction with a bigger circle will be expanded. In this article, we will learn how to do guest blogging the right way.

But, Before going to read this article you've to know

what is guest blogging? and what are It's benefits?

Someone(guest bloggers) who posts an article on a blog that is not their own. Their incentive for doing so is getting backlinks to increase their own site’s search engine ranking is known as Guest Blogging. It also helps to gain new readers and reputation.

Now you have a cleared your mind that what exactly guest blogging is and it's benefits.

OK, Now let's see how to Do this Guest Blogging correctly.

How to Do Guest Blogging Correctly

1. Connect to Other Bloggers

Before you can even submit a post to publish, you should have created good relationships with other bloggers. Take note that these bloggers you wish you write a guest post for should have related niches as yours.

Niches are valuable for consideration as your goal here is to increase awareness of your brand and cater to a related target market.

Guest blogging is not just about getting more click-through to your website but it’s more than that. It is about getting sales conversion and building a far greater circle of people who are most interested to your products and services. In order to capture this market, you should be able to post your work in sites that offer similar causes and information.

Avoid those sites with no social media presence and has developed only a small number of followers.

2. Use the Right Keywords

Users are in need of answers to their problems online so you better provide them relevant and noteworthy articles.

One of the first steps in making them feel that they are reading a related material to their concern is by scanning through the article. If they do not find the words or statements they are looking for, they might not spend the rest of their time through the entire post.

Hence, it would be very beneficial for you to use the right keywords as well for the search engines.

When they crawl to your post, they get the title, headings, description and the keywords that are repeated or highlighted in the article. So to add value, setting the font face of your keywords to bold and bigger font sizes might actually help them as well.

Research for keywords and take time and effort to gather as specific keywords as possible to attract reader’s eye.

3. Write Unique Articles

The world is a giant treasure trove of information, and there are many articles that are written thousands of times before explicating the same meaning. So to differ, you have to write in your own personal style.

Make the article unique by injecting your own thoughts and testimonies. You can even add in your photos and embed videos to stimulate visual understanding. Content should be hot and evergreen, so that people would always look for the same answers even if a decade has passed.

Writing good guest posts also requires well-researched materials. Points are added to your profile when you can provide statistics and figures behind facts and claims.

Remember that competition is fierce out there, and readers would only get your bait when you present them with exceptional posts and ideas.

The key is to write with the blog's audience in mind.

4. Optimize Backlinks Wisely

Usually, webmasters allow up to two backlinks or affiliate links you can use in your guest post. So make the most out of this opportunity to promote your own blog. Just be careful of where you put the links and how you optimize those links.

Google is now policing web articles as this giant search engine sees PageRank sculpting as a rather “bad” practice of link building through guest blogging.

Essentially, you can put backlinks in your “Bio” portion when you introduce about your site briefly. Also, if you are to use other links aside from your landing page or home page, you have to keep those links related to the content and niche of the host site.

Optimize the link creation by entering a relevant anchor name. Don’t forget to consider including the link to your Google+ profile for Authorship.


Guest blogging is now becoming more popular and a lot of bloggers are into this, knowing that this would be helpful in getting more visitors to their sites. However, if you don’t sweat correctly, you will only be wasting your time for nothing.

There’s no shortcut to being successful in guest blogging and you will realize that building relationships and outreaching to other bloggers while creating high-quality content is not too easy after all. But they will be worth it.

OK Now, Do share your guest blogging experience with me in comments and also Don't forget to share this article if you find it helpful. Thanks.... ;)
About The Author
Pam Sallegue is the content writer and link builder of SEO-Hacker. She’s also working on her personal blog, The Optimist Creed. Follow her activity on twitter @buhaybuhay.


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