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GetResponse: The Best Email Marketing Software with a Budget Friendly Price Tag

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If you have tried a few email marketing software programs and are not happy with the services then you have come to the right place. Today we are reviewing one of the leading email marketing programs in the market, GetResponse. The software has been in the market for quite some times now and has a great reputation among its users. Thus, we enrolled for their 30 days free trail plan to review the program.

Here we have reviewed the software in terms of features and price, the two foremost criteria while purchasing an email marketing software.


At the first glace, you’ll find GetResponse to be feature-rich and advanced than any other email marketing software available in the market. Most prominent features of the software are mentioned below.

GetResponse Homepage

Email builder

This feature lets you create professional looking emails for your campaign. The high points of this feature are:
  • You get to avail over 700 professionally designed templates for your campaign; choose one as per your category and customize it to suit your messages.
  • The editing interface is super smooth and lets you change almost anything in the mailer.
  • You can create your unique templates using HTML coding.
  • Mailers are all auto-responsive; so no matter which device your customer is logged on to, he/she will get the best view.

Auto Responder

Auto Responder 2.0 is an exclusive feature of GetResponse that lets you put your campaign on auto-pilot mode. The high points are:
  • You can pre-schedule your mails according to day and time; so even if you are away from your office, your mails get delivered on schedule.
  • The feature tracks the sent mails and delivers reminder mails to the customers who have not opened the original message already. As creepy as it may sound, the feature can work wonders in increasing visitors.
  • The feature also foster customer relationship by sending greetings on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries etc.

Web form builder

This is again an exclusive feature for GetResponse. The high points are as follows:
  • You can build your web forms such as opt-in forms and exit pop-ups using over 500 templates offered here.
  • You can customise the templates using the simple drag and drop editing tools.
  • You can build your own templates by using HTML coding.
  • Unlike other email marketing software, you don’t have to purchase this service separately. It comes as an integrated feature of GetResonse.

Landing Page creator

While no other email marketing software offers an integrated landing page creator, GetResponse offers this feature to their customer for no additional cost. Thus, not only you save a lot of money, which you would have to spend for purchasing a standalone landing page creator; but also you get seamless integration between your marketing mailers and landing pagers. The high points of this feature are:
  • You get over 500 landing page templates in 9 categories to build your landing page with.
  • You can create your own unique landing page too using HTML coding.
  • The editing interface is drag and drop type and pretty simple to use.
  • You can publish more than one landing pages and go for A/B split testing.
  • Landing pages are auto responsive.

E-mail intelligence

This is an analytical feature that lets you track and monitor the performance of your campaign. The high points are:
  • It gives you performance report on daily basis.
  • Offers consolidated reports on conversion rates, number of clicks, customer behaviors etc.
  • Give you comparative reports on two or more parallel campaigns.


Looking at the features, if you are expecting a sky high price tag, then GetResponse is an exception here. Here are the annual plans for the software.

GetResponse Pricing

The basic plan starts from only $15 a month. The interesting fact is, it will cost you more to purchase even one standalone feature, that GetResponse offers for no add cost. The plans are pretty flexible too, so you can choose one that suits your business perfectly. Keeping in mind the kind of services the software offers, the pricing plans are quite unbeatable.

Final Verdict

Advanced features, integrated exclusive services and amazingly budget friendly price tag; who would not go for GetResponse? We totally love it and recommend it to you. No matter what is the size of your business, you’ll find GetResponse to suit it perfectly well.

You can get the 30 days free trail pack too to find out on your own.

Don’t forget to tell us your experience!
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