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5 Steps to Making Yourself a Better Blogger

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5 Steps to Making Yourself a Better Blogger
If you are in the business of writing, blogging, or producing content in anyway, here is a scenario that seems all too familiar: it’s Monday morning and you have just been asked to write a blog post for the company website (or even just an email newsletter to go out to the others in the office). You open up your word processor and as soon as it boots up, your mind goes as blank as the white screen right in front of you. There is no way around it –writing and producing content on the fly can be a pretty tough gig.

No matter how much you may be dreading it, you are going to have to get over that writer’s block eventually if you want to make your deadline. Here are a few ways that you can take to heart to streamline your writing and make you the best blogger that you can be.

Know your Subject, Inside and Out

Before you can even begin punching the keys of your keyboard, you need to understand what exactly it is that you will be talking about in your post (or that blurb to appear in that email newsletter).This means that you have to perform research on your subject so that you can be able to write with authority on the matter at hand.

With the all-purpose tool that is the internet, you can quickly become an expert in just about anything you can think of. From guidance on how to increase your social media following, the latest happenings in the marketing field, or even just how to be more productive while at the office—you can find all the information you need pretty quickly to create a resourceful and shareable blog post.

Your research can be done in various forms: you can harvest material from first-hand experiences that you have had and turn those into blog posts, or you can turn to other’s experiences. Getting the research done can be as easy as punching your new blog’s title into Google to see what else comes up with overlapping information, or you can call up someone else with firsthand information on the subject that you can quote and draw fresh information from.

The more research you do, and the fresher the information that will appears in your post, the more likely that your blog post will be shared and spread and get the most hits.

Don’t be Afraid of Your Voice

Many times when constructing blog posts, we get tied up in how we should say what we want to say. Unless you are trying to copy an already existing voice, do not be afraid to use your own voice as you write.

When you write in your own voice, you sound more genuine, and can therefore produce more valuable content because it is naturally flowing from you as your fingers move across the keyboard. Think of it this way, unless your boss wants you to write in a very specific voice and tone in the blog posts that you are being asked to create, write as if you are speaking to a friend keep it casual and free of jargon (unless you are addressing industry professionals who will understand it all) and don’t be afraid to keep the tone light. When it is written with a hint of fun, it will be come off as a fun read.

Your voice is what makes you unique as a blog writer, so don’t be afraid to let it shine. When you do, the words will begin to flow through you, and you may even begin to pick up a following because they love the way your voice reads on the page. When using your unique voice, you get your blog done faster, and your blogs following increases. It’s a win-win.

Stay on Topic

Avoid the urge to fluff up the article with unnecessary text and words just to make your boss happy with a word count. Keep the content precise and on-topic. The tighter the blog is and the more directly it answers the question it is addressing, the more well received the article will be by readers.

If your boss wants an article with a ridiculously high word count, then either try to reason with them that it really doesn’t need to be that length, or, worst case scenario, get ready to do some serious research so that you can hit that word-count with precise and on-topic information.

The more directly you address the subject of the blog and stay on point, the better the blog post will be, and the more likely it will be shared again and again. Don’t be afraid to over-research your subject because of this. The more you have to say on the matter, the more packed your post will be with relevant content.

Add your Spin and Give a Fresh Take

When you get the task to create a fresh blog post, and you look up what other content is out there that is similar to the new blog you are hoping to create, you may get discouraged by all of the other already existing blog posts on your subject. Although it may look like other bloggers and writers have beaten you to the punch, it doesn’t mean that they all have the insight and view on the subject that you may have to offer.

As the writer, you have the ability to add your personal insight onto the subject, and it is your unique view on the subject that will bring your individual blog post the most success, even if that particular subject has been written on extensively already. Don’t be afraid to throw out your views and experiences on the issues at hand. You may just find a positive response to your fresh input.


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