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How to Create Clickable Content Ideas that Appeal to the Masses

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Sometimes, even creative content pieces fail to generate user interest or bring in visitors while other times even poorly written write-ups land hundreds of visitors in a week. A clickable content idea is reflected in your content, keywords, H1 tags, meta-descriptions and in each aspect of your content strategy. However, creating a content idea that guarantees visitors to your webpages can be tough.

The only problem with content creation in digital marketing is that you are often unaware of the interests of your audience. Our 10 tips on creating clickable content ideas are based on the core concept of strategic content writing. Have a look!

1. Research the Interests of Your Target Audience

Your entire content strategy depends on the interest of your targeted visitors. Gather data about the interests of your target audience. There are various ways to do this, including the creation of online polls, online surveys, webmaster tools, etc. After gathering data, create categories and distribute the data into different groups based on these categories. Now, you are ready to devise clickable content ideas for different target groups.

2. Choose Titles that Convey an Emotion

Humans are always interested in content that reflects their emotions. This is the reason that advertisers have always used emotion as a key tool for selling their products or services. You can use multimedia such as videos, pictures, cartoons, animations etc. to add emotion to your content.

3. Use Content Relevant GIFs

Graphics Interchange Format or GIF is an animated image. While infographics, videos and text are informative forms of content, GIFs are mostly used to express an emotion or add dynamism to the content. However, when using GIFs in your content, do not forget that ‘relevancy’ lies at the foundation of all SEO strategies.

4. Ask Questions of Human Interest

You have obtained the data of your target audience and distributed the audience into categories based on common interests. The next step is to recall the 5Ws and 1H i.e. how, when, where, why, who, and what. Based on these, ask questions of interest that can excite readers and lead them to click on the content link/source.

5. Talk about the Hot Topics

People are always interested in trending topics. Even if the topic is not related to your niche, you can relate it with your content to generate traffic. However, remember that this strategy is suitable for short-term traffic generation. Once the topic is replaced with another, you will need to update your content accordingly.

6. Use Numbers and Statistics

Numbers and statistics have always attracted visitors by creating a perception that the visitors will obtain some valuable information. When looking for numbers and statistics, make sure to obtain information from authentic sources only. Also, give credits to the source somewhere in your content, except in titles and ad copies.

7. Humorous Content

People browsing search engines and social media are bombarded with so much information that it can become very stressful. Hence, light entertainment or humour almost always stands out. When generating humorous ideas, ensure that you are not offending anyone, this way you can target a larger audience base.

8. Deliver Information/Educate the Audience

Let’s face the fact that if you do not provide valuable content to your target audience, you will be replaced by someone else. Our targeted audience has so many options for obtaining information that they do not require more than a few seconds to switch from your website to another. Considering these facts, it is necessary to add value to your content by delivering information and educating the masses. It also helps you build a long-term loyal customer base.

9. Don’t Sound like an Old-School Marketer

Click here to get this now!

We are experts in this field.

If you click here, you will get XYZ.

Any type of content that does not represent your brand’s personality and value is worthless. Remember that it is not just your choice of words, but also the style of writing, the choice of pictures and other such factors that reflects your brand’s value.

10. Use Adjectives and Verbs

Talk about how things work. Describe different elements and provide real pictures. Adjective and verbs help add value to your content by making it more lively and relatable. Make sure to choose verbs and adjectives carefully.

When creating clickable content that appeals to the masses, choose to employ positive undertones to attract new visitors. For landing pages, create engaging content to reduce bounce rate and witness your SEO improve.


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