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How can you get more people visiting your site?

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How can you get more people visiting your site?
The internet is forever. Therefore, the latest social media trends will come and go, but some audience attracting strategies will always be in vogue. For instance, creating original content for organic search engine rankings will catapult your traffic as well as conversions. This is because better rankings increase buyer persuasion by 89% as the majority of people with a purchase intent look to buy through online search engines.

The following are a few timeless strategies to attract more traffic to your website

Make your Social Media Social!

Each social media platform is a direct source of traffic for your website. Your social media traffic alleviates itself when you engage and establish relationships with your customers. Being available for customers, brand loyalists and prospective buyers will help you nurture these individuals through the purchasing process.

Remember, it is your content that says everything about your brand so ensure that your blog posts, infographics or case studies go above and beyond the typical content to make social sharing greater. Moreover, you can also up your social media game by inspiring your audience with visuals, intelligent use of Instagram, and the shareability of your content. Interactive content like videos are much more shareable than long posts, so try to use them where possible.

Another viable strategy to leverage more social media vibrancy is to opt for paid advertising. For example, you can use Facebook ads whereby you pay a small fee to have your content displayed on your target audience’s timeline.

Make your content irresistable

All the digital marketing in the world will not build you a growing audience if your content is not above par. Content that offers your customers incredible value will be your best friend in the marketing stratosphere. In the online world where billions of websites are trying to make their mark, you have to have something that stands out if you want people to notice you and invest in what you’re offering.

Don’t be afraid to write what everyone else is thinking and talking about, but ensure its done in a unique style that represents your brand. You should also be brave with your opinions when producing content, as media that goes against what everyone else is saying can often be the most attractive (when done right).

You should also make an authentic case for why the world should consider the pearls of wisdom you are sharing. Out of all the brands out there, why should they listen to you?

Moreover, interview someone who is renown or up and coming in your industry. Not only will you learn valuable insights from them, but if their audience may take notice of what you’re saying too. In order for this to work, you need to really impress the interviewee so they’ll be inclined to share the interview to their network.

Lastly, it is critical to cut out the fluff, wordiness and content that reeks of keywords stuffing. It is good to post original content regularly, but never let quantity eclipse quality at the expense of traffic that is not adding to your conversion rate.

Play nice with the search engines (SEO)

Remember, Google can be your worst enemy or your best friend. It depends on how you want to build this ever so important relation for your website. If you organically optimise your website’s content for the sake of search engine optimisation, you will reap tremendous payoffs. The London SEO agency Lexel explain that SEO is of such importance because that’s where the majority of your traffic will come from, and people don’t tend to look past the first page. If you want your keyword to start ranking on the first page, you can’t ignore SEO.

Start from the onset and optimise your headlines and URLs for the search engines. Also, use Google keyword tool to find typically popular keywords relevant to your market.

Furthermore, ensure that your site is Google friendly. You can do so by offering a sitemap, registering for Google webmaster tools as well as using an SEO-optimised platform. If you’ve never done this before, an SEO agency may be able to help you.

It is critical to optimise your content ahead of link-building for a durable, long-term SEO success rate. Make your site’s loading time as swift as possible as site speed is now an essential factor in search rankings and a speedy website will limit people from leaving before the page loads.

Therefore, consider switching to a quicker webhost and leverage caching. For example, if you are on WordPress try using a caching plugin such as Quick Cache. At the most basic level, integrating best SEO practices into your content will assist you to:
  • Improve cyber space visibility
  • Create more sales/leads
  • Solidify your brand’s domain and authority
  • Connect with your audience directly
  • Grow your social media traffic
However, you should only conduct such optimisation if you know what you’re doing. Certain SEO techniques can be seen as manipulative in the eyes of Google, and you don’t want to put your site at risk. Conduct thorough research beforehand and consider speaking to an SEO agency if you don’t know where to begin.


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