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000webhost - A Leader Among Web Hosting Services

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000webhost - A Leader Among Web Hosting Services
Anyone can easily build a website nowadays since a lot of free website building services are available on the internet which requires no technical know-how. But the most important aspect of building a website is to find a good web hosting service to make sure that your website remains visible and active. A wide range of hosting services are there on the cyberspace, but most of them are paid and are sometimes overpriced as compared to what they offer. But do you know that you can avail the same offers and features for free? 000webhost makes it possible for you.

000webhost.com is a free service provider which hosts a lot of small sites on the cyberspace for 0$. Starting from 2007, it offers its services for free and no advertisements. Although you can avail its premium plans which are named as gold plan and silver plan for added benefits.


It is one of the best options for hosting a free website. They have a lot of features for their premium packages, but their free plan does not fall short on benefits. So before you avail their premium package from 000webhost you should check out the features are listed under:

1. Best Free WebHosting

000webhost.com is one of the finest web hosting service providers that provides its services with 0$. Their free plan consists of features that most web hosts cannot offer. You need to register and get started. Moreover, their tech support is incredibly helpful for letting you wander the websites from different hosts for free.

2. Enormous Database Support: PHP, Cpanel, Mysql, And More

000webhost supports a huge number of the database formats which is very rare for most free web hosts. 000webhost supports formats like MySQL and PHP and therefore doing it a unique web hosting service. It also provides the web hosting for free cPanel, which is rather brilliant for the service which is provided at 0$. Also, it supports the other databases like Curl, XML, GD2, Zend, PHP sockets, fopen(), loncube, .htaccess, Loader, etc.

3. Advanced cPanel Support

It not only offers a vast amount of database support but also supports the latest versions of cPanel. They also support BoxBilling which is an invoice system based on PHP. This allows you to provide an invoice to your customers. It also lets you choose various scripts and gives you the option to auto-install.

4. Large Bandwidth and Disk Space

It is very rare for free web hosting sites to give such a large bandwidth and disk space as 000webhost. The free plan gives you 1 GB of disk space and 10 GB of unmetered bandwidth.  The premium plan gives unlimited bandwidth and disk space. Moreover, with the free plan, they offer you to host two websites and book your domain for free.

5. Free In-Built Website designer

000webhost is one of the efficient platforms which help you create a website without hassles. You get the opportunity to work with over 100+ templates, and it is very simple to use the website builder. All you need to do is to drag and drop the website elements in place, add whatever you want to write and then publish it.

6. Instant Backups

It is incredibly important to back up your data because you never know when things might go wrong and you cannot afford to lose such a huge amount of data, can you? With 000webhost, you can easily and instantly back up your website and restore it as well. 000webhost is probably the only the only free web host that gives you this unique backup feature.

7. 99.9% Uptime

000webhost is one of the few websites which provides a very high uptime percentage, that is, 99.9% which means that your site remains active for almost all the time. This helps you to remain visible even during long maintenance work.

8. Email Support

The most exclusive feature of this web host is; it provides you with free email accounts with mail support. It allows you even to edit your MX entry which means that you will be able to host your email from apps of Google and other apps as well. It also supports mail function in the PHP version which means that you can send a large number of emails to the mass of users who register from your site.

9. Immense Customer Support

They have a dedicated forum which will help you find answers to any technical problem, and in case you don’t, they have team support that will quickly help you out. They also provide answers to queries regarding website building. This has helped them build a large user base.

What Makes 000webhost Different?

There are obviously a lot of popular web hosts out there. Let us for instance, take two web hosting service providers for comparison:

1. Awardspace: Offers bandwidth 5GB bandwidth, 1GB disk space. It does not support cPanel, supports only 1 MySQL databases and one email account.
2. Freehostia: Offers 6GB bandwidth, 250 MB disk space, no cPanel support, 1 MySQL databases and three email accounts.

Looks good, doesn't it? However, in comparison 000webhost offers you features that are way superior. It offers you a grand 100 GB bandwidth, 1 GB disk space, cPanel support (along with its latest versions), 2 MySQL databases and impressive support of 5 email accounts. Moreover, none of those mentioned above web hosts can ever compete with the immense customer support that 000webhost provides. Also, the fact that 000webhost has landed in the first position of top 10 lists of free web hosts in prestigious technology websites including Tech Radar adds to the legitimacy of its superiority.

Ultimately the decision of choosing this web host is entirely up to you. But, undoubtedly, this is one of the most trusted and efficient web hosts out there, and certainly, no other free web host can provide you with as many features as this one. However, for added security benefits to protect your website from cyber threats, you should choose the premium plan than the free one.


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