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Click Bank Product University Review for 2018

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Using affiliate marketing to making money online is the best way of earning, right? The question is, how? ClickBank is where you need to go, few steps and you are ready to sell anything, any kind of product and start making money out of it. All you need to do is sign up and start by creating good traffic. Now, make sure you are good at generating traffic. As long as you’re generating good traffic, you are making money.
make money through ClickBank

Most of the best affiliate marketers have had good experience in ClickBank. Clickbank is the platform that helped them making six figures by creating affiliates for ClickBank products. You make money through ClickBank platform by joining as a affiliate marketer, thereby promoting those products on Facebook, Instagram or some ranked websites Ads. Later, we’ll go through few strategies for promoting through Facebook or Instagram. First, let’s see how to get started with Clickbank.

Once go enter the ClickBank website, there you’ll see affiliate marketplace option, enter there. There are products listed, for each product you can see some scores. There will be one option called Grav which tells you how popular the product is, or how many affiliates are promoting the same product. It stands for Gravity. Avg sale tells you how much you will get from one converted customer, i.e. the amount you will get paid for one sale. And then there are a few other scores.

To know more about the product, just click on the link of that product, this link will take you to the landing page. The landing page might have a video or something.
These landing pages are tested and they are capable of converting high traffic especially if the grav score is high. So, you don’t need to worry about the landing pages, all you need to worry about is generating traffic.

Now let’s start with the strategies of traffic generation.

1. Using Facebook to make money with Clickbank.

Here, your ads play the most important role because that will attract people, and on Facebook, a lot of traffic will only get you enough profit. You need to be very clear of what attracts the customer. What is going to make them click through an ad while scrolling their newsfeed?

The CTR (Click through rate) rate must be around 7%. An image is the most important part of the ad. For making an attractive image, you can use these tricks:
  • Put an image that conveys a story
  • Creating an open loop
  • Image that creates a question
  • Images with facts
  • Images with different art/drawing
These types of images quickly draw the attention of the viewer. For example, an open loop image is the one which creates a loop in the viewer’s head, and to close that loop, the viewer will click through the ad to get the answer.

Some images with a vector drawing attract customer attention quickly because of its uniqueness. Also, images that the people relate to are also good to put on your ad.

2. Using Instagram to make money with Clickbank.

For Instagram, you just need to post stuff that goes viral, or use already viral images and post in your account to reach a greater audience. Make a fan page of the niche you want to promote, and start getting more followers or likes.

There are tricks to get more followers and get an audience. You can use bots for the same, start following bots that follow the audience which will like a product, and they might follow you back. Same way with the likes, you like other people’s content and get likes back.
On your account, put the link to a landing page, where you collect email addresses, and forward them to the affiliate page. If the viewer does not get converted, use the email addresses and do email marketing and convert them.

Another way is to join engagement groups, these groups are for likes, you will get likes in return of liking other people’s content. This will make your content popular. If the content goes viral it will pop up on search engines as an image. This will help in getting in view. Also, instead of making your content viral, you can use the already viral content to promote your product.

Top-ranked sites are also a way to make money with affiliates, but it takes a lot of time to build a site with a good ranking. You can also use blogs, but again if you have a good number of audiences. For sites with good ranking, use keywords that are most common.

Final Thoughts

Finally, create good content, be it facebook ads, Instagram, blog or sites. Just make proper use of images, keywords, etc. Definitely, recommend you to invest in ClickBank. But if you are completely new to this, first start with local and polish your skills. Else, you are good to go with ClickBank and make the income you want.


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