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Affiliate marketing programs for beginners

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Affiliate marketing programs for beginners

Newbies in blogging have a lot of issues to resolve, learn and implement. And when the things are more or less done, next thing they ask about: what are good affiliate programs for beginners.

Read attentively - we are more than just sure, you will find something useful!

Before promoting

You should know more than all about the product. It means that if somebody asks where to find this or that feature in the software you promote, you should tell it with your eyes closed, even if you were enjoying a balmy sleep. If people ask about useful properties or some detail of running or maintenance - you should know it to the same extent as manufacturer. Saying “Sorry, guys, I haven’t worked with this feature or product yet” will disrupt your reputation.

Now you are responsible for all your words and actions about the product. Some people may buy basing on your feedbacks and if everything was a lie - it will not be disaster, but quite an unpleasant experience for people and a little mistrust to you. Of course, defective goods or services may occur even from the best proven sellers, but if a common strategy is based on lie - you may lose your reputation. Black PR probably is not the thing you need, at least in the beginning of your career.

How can one promote?

There are score of variants, but the simplest are as follows:
  • Make a review. It shouldn’t be a special one devoted to a special brand, but something like “3 the most exciting things I have bought for $5”. People not often buy goods, they want to buy stories.
  • Make a video and post it on YouTube. Videos are highly popular nowadays, besides you can show that you have tried the product yourself - you will give additional reasons for people to buy.
  • Use your email database. Surprisingly, but emails still work as a marketing ploy, and what is more surprising, they are more effective than a simple blog post. Write a natural story about the thing you like and at the end you can mark information about promo-code to buy it cheaper.

Some examples of affiliate programs that will certainly suit beginners


It may be not so complicated, but they are the most popular and beginners oriented. Amazon Associates, a formal name, is very convenient for those who wants to feel coins clinking in the pocket. Probably everything is because they don’t focus on the audience, but on your niche - as the platform is quite big, there are some areas to be found for everybody. The commission rate is nearly 4% that may sound a drop in the ocean, but it depends on the price of the goods offered and, anyway, it is always nice to have one extra cup of coffee. All affiliate solutions help to grow your business.

Rakuten Marketing

Understanding what you do is good, but realizing how you perform it, can be even of greater importance. Rakuten is in winning position here as they are offering a user friendly interface where one can easily find all notes and records about each products. Generally, small companies prefer working with this platform, especially if it is not so easy to introduce to mass market.

Final words

Affiliate marketing is not so difficult business, of course it may take time to remember all the details, but it will be much more easier after a while, especially when you will find extra money in your pocket.


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