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Top 20 Tips To Optimize Your Website With On Page SEO

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On page SEO is the process of optimizing the content of your website. This includes the text, images and links on your website. Anything uploaded to your site’s domain is considered on page.

Do you have a brand new website and want to increase visibility of your website in various search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing? If your answer is yes, you are on the right place. In this small tutorial, I will share top 20 seo (search engine optimization) tips that you should keep in mind while on-page optimization for your website. This tutorial will also be a great help if you are new to seo.

Top 20 On Page SEO Tips

1. Title Tag

You have to make sure that each page on your website has a unique and targeted title as per the kind of content and keywords you are targeted on that page. Search engines including Google do not like the existence of same title on multiple pages.

2. Meta Description

With unique title, each page on your website should have unique meta description. Most of time, search engines will use the text that we place in meta description as part of our website listing in search engines. So meta description can be considered as a marketing copy of our website page that we want to show to search engines and people who lands to our website using search engines.

3. Meta keyword Tags

You should place relevant keywords for a page in meta keywords section. With this, you should make sure that most of your website pages have unique and targeted meta keywords. Although, Google does not take into consideration what we write in meta keywords section, but there are some search engines that counts the text we write in meta keywords as one of their rankings factor. But don’t place too many keywords in this section.

4. Image Alt Tags

Don’t forget to add an alternative text (alt tag) with images used on your website. With search engine ranking benefit, presence of alternative text will help user better understand your web page content where your website images are not properly displayed or blocked.

5. Duplicate Content Issues

Make sure you did not copy content from other websites. And one content in whole should be used on a single url on your domain only.

6. Non www vs www Redirection Issues

I would recommend showing only one version of your website, either go for www or go for non-www version. In general websites, use www version while blogs use non-www version.

7. Geo-Targeting

Setup Geo-targeting in your website Google Webmaster Tools account. With this include your geographical location suppose you are targeting India in your website content copy.

8. Sitemaps

Create an HTML and XML sitemap for your website. Generally, HTML sitemaps are created for users and XML sitemap for search engines, so submit your XML sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools. Creation of XML sitemap will help you get your website contents being crawled at a faster pace in search engines including Google.

9. Using robots.txt

Disallow files and folders that you don’t get crawled by Google and other search engines using robots.txt file to be placed in your website root folder.

10. Broken Links

Use a good broken link checking software like Xenu to find all the broken links available in your website home and internal pages and get them fixed.

11. W3c Validation

No doubt, W3C validation is no way going to affect your website rankings, but having a website with clean HTML and css will make your website more appealing to your website readers.

12. Use of Heading Tags

I would recommend using heading tags on your website where they make sense. Don’t use multiple H1 tags on a website page and you should be using heading tags in their sequential order.

13. Content Interlinking

Interlinking of your website contents is highly recommended where they looks natural. Natural interlinking of content will not only help you improve your website bounce rate but will also help you get some quality backlinks for your website pages which in turn will take your website a step towards high page rank and good search engine rankings.

14. Breadcrumb Navigation

I would recommend implementing breadcrumb navigation in your website to make it more search engine friendly in case you are maintaining some hierarchical structure in your website. Breadcrumb implementation will help you get lots of keyword based links for most of your website pages which will ultimately help you get better search engine rankings for your website pages.

15. Content Update Frequency

It’s very critical to keep your website updated with fresh and unique content around your website niche coming at regular intervals. Your website chances of coming in rankings for lots of terms related to your industry increase as you add more and more content on your website with those terms.

16. Keyword Density

I would recommend maintaining a keyword density of 2% to 5% in your website contents. Having keyword density in higher percentage will look spammy from visitors and search engine point of view.

17. Content Formatting

You should be using bolds, italics, strong, list types to make your content more appealing and for giving extra weight-age to selected portion of website content.

18. Domain Name

I would recommend choosing a small, meaningful, easy to remember and a domain showing some taste of your niche. Don’t go for long and confusing domain names.

19. Website Navigation

Don’t use flashy buttons and images to showcase your website navigation bar. Google with majority of search engines understand text much better than flash or image type content.

20. Footer Links

Include links to important pages in footer section with some basic pages like About Us, Contact us, Disclaimer, Privacy policy etc.

Do you have something more to add to this list of on page seo tips, please mention in the comments section below.


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