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Tips to Write Blog Posts That Drive Traffic

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Write Blog Posts that Drive Traffic
Within the online marketing arena, Google is the undisputed Lord of the universe and content is the altar on which Google makes or breaks a blog.

So what to do if you have just launched a blog and want to attract eyeballs and visitors or even if you have been in the online blogging arena but want to increase your traffic and visitor count.  You need to be creative and keep churning out regular content that makes the wheels of traffic rolling.

Here are some tips that will help you in the overcrowded online blogging sphere.

1. Keep it Simple and Natural

Use simple and plain language that the potential visitor understands and is not overwhelmed by difficult words and long sentences. The content should flow naturally and should normally be short and concise. The online visitor is fickle and has a short attention span and long posts may force them to shift. If you need to write a long post, break it into two or three posts. This will keep the user engagement levels high as well. You can also create bullet lists of the various points to be covered in the post to break it down. Paragraphs should be short as you need to break the monotony.

The blog post should normally be about one topic and not cover the whole universe of topics. You have other posts where you can cover the next topic. The content should be focused. Create a natural style of writing and do not copy others. You will find your own style. It should not sound forced and put on.

Enhance the post with images and video if possible. It makes them interesting. The post can have questions, anecdotes, stories and statistics to keep the user engagement levels high.

2. Check the Spelling and Grammar

The post should have simple and plain language and should not have basic spelling and grammatical errors. They spoil the user experience and put off visitors. Always proof read before publishing and use a word processor or editor to write.

3. Title, Keywords and Linking

The post should have a clear and meaningful Title that covers the topic. The Title is not only your attention grabber but is very important from an SEO perspective as well. The post should have clear sub- headings and should be linked to other pages or other informative sources like Wikipedia if required. Don’t stuff keywords but use them judiciously. Don’t go overboard with the internal and external linking in a post.

4. Social Media

With the advent and boom in Social Media, the post should be focused on creating a conversation rather than preaching in a Formal tone. You need to engage the visitor. They should leave comments on the post and you can reply to them. Speak to the visitors and the conversation will flow.

The post should have the various Social Media icons like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, stumbleupon so that the user can promote it to other online friends and you can have the maximum impact with a viral effect.

The last but not the least important tip is to be regular and keep updating the blog.


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