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How To Write A Blog Post Quickly

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In the last post we discussed about 7 Ways To Increase Your Blog's Crawl Rate In Google. In that, the first step is regular update without updating you blog regularly it seems to be outdated. To keep your blog updated you have to write 3 to 4 posts within a week. Do you take much time to write a blog post in your blog or do you take much time to publish a blog post? It happens.. You can solve this problem by following these seven simple steps.

Here they are, in the right order:

1. Know who you’re writing to

How many times have you read about market research? Well, it’s important if you want to write what your target audience can enjoy. If your goal is to write for everyone, then you’re already on your way to failure. Don’t do that!

You need a specified group of persons who have needs, problems and goals in life and business. Your blog post would help them in several ways. It’d educate, entertain and give them hope to keep holding on.

But you must know who they are. Research your keywords first. You’ll pinpoint the terms people are using to locate your blog via search engines. Know who you’re writing to, then move on to the next step.

2. Write your headline

Once you’ve determined a select group of people who need your content, the headline must be crafted to meet their needs. I’m not asking you to hype-up the headline, but to make it relevant and catchy.

Ideally, write your headline after you must have researched your keywords. Even if the key terms are not included on the headline, use the idea of what people truly want to style your headline. What’s the strongest benefit for readers? Use that on the headline and your click-through rates would be high.

3. Write down your subheadings and points

The next step is to jot down the subheadings and points. After researching your keywords and knowing what your audience wants, don’t write the blog post yet. How do you want your article to be structured?

Online readers are looking for helpful information that is practical, and entertaining. A subheading can enhance the feel of the headline and persuade the reader to read the entire post. Without this vital step, your piece will look like a piece of rag.

We’ll get into the writing soon. See next line…

4. Write the article without editing

Now, it’s time to write your article. At this juncture, don’t edit your typos and grammar. Just allow the words to flow from your creative mine. If you pause and start proofreading, the power that sustains and inspires you would be distorted.

That’s why writers’ block is common today. The only way to write with speed, vigor and become productive is to write without editing. Sure, you can come back after 10 or 20 minutes to edit. See next line.

5. Edit for spelling and grammar errors

There are two stages of proofreading that works. At the first stage, don’t read aloud so that you don’t assume the content is well proofed. Read silently until the words and sentences take root in your mind. Reading slowly would also give you more blog post ideas.

I’ve gotten several ideas for new posts, just by reading quietly and allowing the words and sentences to take root in my heart. And the second stage of proofreading is when you read the article aloud. Correct every spelling and grammatical errors. See if a sentence(s) overlaps with a phrase. Delete unnecessary words. Keep the meat, discard the bones.

6. Format your post

After editing spelling and grammar errors. you have to format your post for better appearance, without formatting your post it doesn't look professional and difficult to understand. For a better formatting Align your fonts. Add a nice photo to make reading fun and rewarding. Blog readers love cute pictures. you can also highlight the texts for better understanding.

7. Submit and Publish

What are you waiting for? Submit your blog post. Use this writing strategy to write your guest post, press release and so on. There is no magic bullet to writing with speed and joy. But you must write from your heart. As a writer, you’re making the world a much better place to live in – with your inspiring words. See you at the top!


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