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Top 15 Tips For Gaining Real Pinterest Followers

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Pinterest has overtaken a lot many established social networks to become the darling of the internet user community. The success of Pinterest can be widely related to the simple ideology of why we love images rather than reading through a chunk of text. With the huge success of the site, most of the internet marketers have been trying to create a fan base of followers. If you are one of them trying to get more Pinterest followers, then here we have a list of top 15 tips for gaining real Pinterest followers.

  1. Write your Pinterest profile.
    Many users just create a profile on Pinterest and never care to look at their profile even. The very first step you need to do is to write about yourself on the profile page and add a real image of yours. Creating an original profile will help to get more followers easily.
  2. Link your Facebook, Twitter and Google plus profiles to Pinterest.
    Link all your other social networks with Pinterest. This will help your already good friends to follow you on Pinterest and thus helping you gain real followers.
  3. Find friends with similar interest and interact with them.
    Keep searching on Pinterest for other users who have similar likes and interests. follow them and interact with them. You can be assured that they will eventually follow you back.
  4. Connect your Pinterest profile on your websites and blogs.
    If you have a blog or website, you can easily link your Pinterest profile with the blog which will help you gain followers quite unpredictably. There is no harm in trying this method too.
  5. Comment on interesting pins in your niche.
    If you find an interesting pin which is related to your topic of interest, then take the pains to comment on that post. Your comment will eventually pave way for others to follow you back. Commenting on pins is a form of interaction which will produce massive followers.
  6. Organize your Pinterest profile according to various topics and pin appropriately.
    If you have interests on multiple topics, then make sure that you have separate pinboards for each topic and organize all your pins under the appropriate pinboards. Keep your profile neat. A well-arranged profile will easily attract more followers.
  7. Importance of hashtag while pinning an image.
    If you start using hashtags what happens is that your posts becomes more easily visible to other Pinterest users who are using the search option on Pinterest. You are definitely going to widen your base of followers if you follow this method.
  8. Importance of description while pinning an image
    Pinterest allows you to write up to 500 words on the description of each pin. So use that space to get your thoughts out there. Being expressive is a way to get more Pinterest followers.
  9. Give interesting names to your pinboards.
    If you have ten pinboards for various topics, then make it a point to give some catchy titles for your pinboards. Do not go with the same labels as everyone else goes by. Be creative and you will get the fame for being creative.
  10. Post on your Pinterest profile with a proper schedule.
    One of the primary mistake of most Pinterest users is that they are just not active on Pinterest. They expect to get some real followers even though they hardly login to Pinterest. The best way to get real followers is to be an active Pinterest user and post on your profile daily.
  11. Tag your friends on Pinterest.
    While posting some good images, let your friends know about it too. You can easily tag other Pinterest users on the images .Remember that more users see your pins, more followers you are likely to get.
  12. Keep on following more and more Pinterest users.
    Another thing that works is the idea of following more and more Pinterest users. Many would follow you back as a means of reciprocation and many would follow you genuinely seeing your profile too.
  13. Do not over promote your blog or website on Pinterest.
    Many newbie Bloggers have this habit of pinning only the photos of their blogs and websites on their Pinterest profile. If everyone starts doing this, then Pinterest would become just another network of self-promotion. So Pin worthy content, rather than looking for traffic to your websites.
  14. Exchange Pinterest followers.
    You can see a lot of forums and websites where you can follow other Pinterest users and in return they will follow you back. But this method is not recommended as you can be assured that most of the followers you get are bound to be from fake profiles.
  15. Buy Pinterest followers.
    You can also increase your Pinterest fan followers by buying the followers from Fiverr or Freelancer or Elance. But here too there is always the risk of getting fake followers rather than genuine followers.
That was all about the top 15 tips for gaining real Pinterest followers. Follow these tips and the Pinterest users are going to follow you.
About The Author
This article has been written by Charles who loves to share tips on internet marketing. You can have a look at his site here to learn more on this.


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  2. This is some pretty spectacular tips for Gaining Real Pinterest Followers. I have pinterest account, do share my blog post & some good image, but naver care about profile update. Even never tag others, now I should follow your tips to get better exposure for my pins & post.


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