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5 Easy Things You Can Do to Improve Your On-Page SEO

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This is a guest post written by Jason Nelson. Also See How To Become a guest author on BlogTipsNTricks.

5 Easy Things You Can Do to Improve Your On-Page SEO
Having a website that gets noticed is very important for most businesses. You want your site to stand out from the crowd and attract visitors. But this can be a challenge. However, there are some simple ways that you can improve your On page SEO to make your site do some of the legwork for you.
Below are five tips to improve your on-page SEO

1. Make Your Titles Strong

How you word your titles is important for your site. Titles are the first thing Google pulls into the search result listings. You want titles that are eye-catching and interesting enough that they want to read on, but also include the keywords people are searching for. A strong title will not only signify to your readers that the Web page is relevant to their needs; it will tell search engines, too.

2. Keep Your URLs Clean

Search engines look at more than just the content of your website that visitors will likely pay attention to, and that includes your website's URL. If your URL is full of odd numbers and letters rather than keywords, it isn’t as meaningful for users or search engines.

If you have a page about the diamond necklaces your business sells, be sure the URL ends in something containing diamond necklaces, rather than what amounts to gibberish. For example, wouldn’t it make more sense to have the URL domain.com/diamond-necklaces rather than domain.com/?page_id=47 ?

3. Compress Your Photos

You don't want your website to load slowly, which is perhaps the strongest argument for compressing your photos, since a photo with a smaller file size will load more quickly than a larger one. When it comes to search engines, the same is true for them: they don't want a page to load slowly and search engines. Page load speed is a factor in search engine rankings.

As an increasing amount of time access the Web via a mobile device, it is important to have a Web page that loads quickly. Studies have shown that this can play a big role in a site’s success.

4. Make the Case in Your Description

You have the opportunity to create a short description of your Web page, and this is the perfect place to convey to the user why they should visit your page and use the important keywords they are searching for. This also helps search engines return better results.

In your description, you don't want to keyword dump here, since it will turn away people and the internal programs in search engines alike. Just ensure that your description has the important keywords in sentences that correctly describe your page.

5. Link Internally

It is always smart website design to link to other articles and sections of your site, since it helps visitors find other, related content on your site. One of the SEO benefits, however is the text you use to create the links (called anchor text) can include important keywords that will help the SEO for those linked sites, as it provides search engines with more information on the content of those pages.

About The Author
Jason Nelson provided this article for Ascent Internet, an SEO company in St. George, Utah helping businesses across the country improve their online presence.


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