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Small Business SEO: The Only Guide You Need

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This is a Guest Article written by Chris. In This Article He Guides About The Small Business SEO. Also See How To Become a guest author on BlogTipsNTricks.


The Holy Grail of search marketing is true SEO success. Most small business owners dream of success with SEO. These are serious questions about what is essentially one of the most powerful marketing tools today, Search Engine Optimization.

The truth about SEO is that it's natural in every instance, the promotion of one’s business, the networking with others online, the camaraderie between close rivals. It’s what small business owners typically do online, when they have the time.

Where Did the Time Go?

It’s a question that most business owners struggle with on a daily basis. Small business owners are constantly working on their businesses, trying to make things run as efficiently as possible. Whether they are working on limiting roadblocks or efficiency, they’re working hard. Where does that leave time for SEO?

Hire It Out

The problem with hiring out SEO is that there are so many different companies out there providing services. Some companies charge low fees while some others seem like they cost a fortune. Not saying that “you get what you pay for” is always a true statement but in the SEO world it is often a very true statement.

What to Look For

Look for a trusted provider that has gotten results for others. Ask around, maybe you already know of someone with a successful website presence? Ask a business owner from a similar industry who they’ve used to get results or maybe even ask someone from a different city in the same industry. Networking with other small business owners is a beautiful thing. Truth is, the most successful business owners are a wealth of information and that can sometimes give you information so valuable as to put you ahead of your competition.

Once You Find a Provider

As soon as you find someone who you think might be a good fit to help you promote your website, it’s time to ask some questions. These are questions that should be asked and backed up with answers that make sense.

What Resources Do You Use?
What resources are used for publishing on; Google, Yahoo, Bing, CitySearch, Merchant Circle, Yelp and others? Do you reach out to blog owners for publishing on their blogs? Is this automated or manual publishing?
Hint: Manual is much better and will get top results.

Can You Show Me Some Ranking Results?
Ask to see the ranking results from some of their current work. Ask them to add content to a page to verify if they typically don’t link from their customers or look for a link back to their site in the footer if they do.
Hint: Business owners are busy (you know this) and this is a quick way to verify results without having to call someone you don’t know.

Will You Work With My Competition?
Many times you will find that companies will only work with a limited number of clients per city or per niche.
Hint: Best number for local SEO is one per city/per niche; for nationwide SEO, one per niche, period. This limits cannibalization of search results. There are a limited number of results on the first page. Number one gets a majority of the clicks. You don’t want your provider competing against themselves, your chances of winning the SEO game will drop dramatically.

Can I Track My Results?
It really helps business owners understand search marketing better when they can see results with their own eyes, whether that’s in the form of rankings or preferably in the form of visitors to the website. Not only visitors to the site but information on a deeper level, where that visitor came from, how long they were on the site, what search term they came in on, what page they landed on, how long they spent on the website, etc.
Hint: Google Analytics is not your best option; it drastically limits your viewing of the amount of referral information on each visitor.

What Makes Your Services Better?
What really makes a search marketing provider better than the rest? Typically it’s hard to tell from the outside. The honest answer here is testing, testing and more testing. Implementation and analysis on a consistent basis is the answer you’re looking for. Do they have a website that ranks well in a competitive industry, SEO maybe?
Hint: Ask them what got them where they are today, sit back and listen.

If you’re looking to start marketing online then these questions will help you get the most from your SEO campaign. As with anything you outsource, make sure you get the best person for the job. These questions will help you do just that.

About The Author
Chris provides local SEO services to small business owners across the country. Specializing in search engine optimization has allowed him to provide his clients with superior results and mind-blowing long-term return on investment. He believes that a strong local search marketing campaign will become one of the most valuable assets a small business owner can have in the near future.


  1. Its a nice listing which would results from your experience. Thanks for sharing it Chris

  2. hi chris!

    good to read your post, thanks for sharing it with us.

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  3. You've definitely got to check out SEO companies thoroughly when deciding who to go with. Depressingly, much of the blog comment spam I get links back to such businesses. So if they're using this dodgy technique to advertise their own sites, they must be doing it for clients as well!

    1. Thanks for sharing this with us Deep. You have such great ideas for small businesses...why don't you participate in the Small Business India Intuit best small business tip contest? You can post it on: http://smallbusinessindia.intuit.in/contest/contest.php. Great ideas...thanks!!


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