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GetResponse VS iContact: Which is better email marketing solution?

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GetResponse VS iContact

Email marketing has taken the world by storm these days. If you're a marketer, there just isn't a way for you to not accept that without E-mail Marketing, you're pretty much nowhere.

Infact a lot of industry leaders including Derek Halphern, Neil Patel, Jeff Bullas and who not, argue that you should start building your list even before you've put your first post live, yeah that's how important their subscribers list is to them, so I'm guessing, it's worth something, right?

So today, I took to write this piece to clear up your doubts, and make it easier for you to go with any one of the Email marketing tools, and I'll be comparing GetResponse and iContact for that. These two are industry leaders as far as e-mail marketing is concerned no doubt, and that's why I believe it's only fair for me to give you an honest comparison, which I'm writing after my 28 days with both the platforms.

Pricing: GetResponse VS iContact :-


In any kind of review, I always start with the "pricing", because no matter how cool a product is, you can't buy it if it's not in your budget, right? So let's take a look at the budgets of GetResponse compared to iContact.

GetResponse pricing's start from $15 , and you get the capacity of 1000 subscribers for that, while iContact is charging double that amount, meaning $14 for 500 emails, meaning half the number of emails for around the same price.

So unless you're short of storage space, and don't know where to store your money, I'd say Getresponse should definately be your choice ! (Hey don't worry, It's not just about the price, I'm including other features down the list too, to help you sort out your winner ! )

Email Templates:-

Email Templates

This is an aspect where I found both GetResponse and icontact to be neck to neck competitors. GetResponse and iContact both feature over 500 Email templates, but still...there are differences.

With Getresponse you get to customize your email template your way, meaning you customize it the way you want it to, using their super easy to use Drag&Drop template builder, while iContact still lacks behind on this aspect, the templates on iContact aren't really that editable.

So by now you probably can guess which platform is worth your time and money.

Third Party Integration:-

Third Party Integration

When you're talking about Email marketing tools, the one most important aspect you need to consider is third-party integrations. Your tool must be efficient enough to be interlinked with major third party platforms, right? Only then you can actually make use of the tool, and specially if you're concentrating on Lead Generation.

So, I won't complicate it here for you, let's just be clear that you can integrate GetResponse with a majority of third-party tools and platforms including WordPress, Joomla, Amazon Payments and a lot more, while this number is comparatively low with iContact.

If you're going for Lead or Sales generations then you have to give importance to third-party integrations and in that case GetResponse is a better option compared to iContact.

User Interface:-

The User Interface with Getresponse is without debate more advanced and simpler then iContact. iContact messes things ups, and if it's your first time with email marketing tools then using iContact will only make your tasks harder.

The user interface on GetResponse is comparatively advanced, meaning it will save you time and confusion, and the less confusion, the more productive you can be.

That's the whole scene behind "off page marketing", companies need to focus on making a lovable product, which GetResponse clearly did, but probably iContact missed those marketing classes and isn't up to the notch yet!

So bottomline, GetResponse has a better UI then iContact.

Free Trial

Well, it's always good to be able to Try before you buy, right?

GetResponse and iContact both offer free trials, yes. But this again is some place where iContact seems like it missed these marketing classes too, because it's giving a clear edge to GetResponse's free trial plan compared to it's own. How?

GetResponse's Free trial will give you a full access, to all the features, which seems to be limited with iContact. Also, on the other hand GetResponse gives you a free trial list capacity of 250 subscribers, while iContact seems to be content with only 100 free subscribers.

So it's clear that you're getting almost double (or more) features even on the free trial account with GetResponse compared to iContact.

Additional Features:-

I included this section because it was worth including here.

GetResponse gave me a easier, simpler and advanced photo library, with Stock images, absolutely free even with it's free plan. While, even with the pro plan on iContact they demand a $5 payment.

So, I'm just guessing why should I give away my $5 just for about the same feature which I'm getting free with GetResponse? So yup even on this feature, which might not seem like a really big deal , my vote goes to GetResponse.

Final Verdict:-

After comparing all the features, services and the product as a whole,I think you might have already guessed that GetResponse is definitely a better option compared to iContact, for now till atleast they upgrade their features and reduce their price list.

You can also go with iContact, but it's just like paying double the money, for almost the same kind of features, and also if you take the "reputation" in mind, I'd say GetResponse leads iContact in respect to reputation too, ofcourse credit goes to the product as a whole.

So yes, I'd say GetResponse, so what are you waiting for? Go along and give it a try, for free! will be my priority over iContact if I've only these two options to choose from.

About the Author
Nisha Pandey is the founder of SeoTechyWorld.com. She is fun loving person and love to share about SEO, blogging, social media and latest technology tips.

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