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How To Improve your Blog Search Ranking on Google

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How To Improve your Blog Search Ranking on Google?

This is an ever green question which often comes to your mind, when you want to improve your traffic, leads, sales, etc...

Whatever methods we practice to market our blog, Search traffic is an indispensable source of traffic, Infact it is one of the best way to direct potential buyers/readers to your blog.

To generate search traffic, Search ranking is a must. If your blog isn't within the top 5 in the first page of search result for you targeted keyword, you're loosing about 60% of possible attention/visitors in the search results.

Means most of search visitors goes to the top 5 links in the google search results. Thus it's important to improve your blog search ranking.

Today, I'm going to share some tips that you can use to build your search ranking, Thus improving the organic traffic of your blog.

How To Improve your Blog Search Ranking on Google

Stop Focusing on Keywords, write for your Readers.

Yes, You heard it right. I'm not saying keywords are useless. what I'm trying to say is instead of solely focusing on keywords try to write for your readers.

Google is giving more and more value to your content than the keywords on it. You have to remember that Google’s whole purpose is to provide their customers with relevant and useful search results.

So don't do keyword stuffing. Try to naturally include keywords while keeping the main focus on the readers. This method will not only help to improve your search ranking it also helps in building readership.

Actually, I've already written an detailed article before as "How to Write Content for People and Search Engine". You can check it to learn how to focus on readers instead of keywords.

Promote Your Content On Social Media, Social Shares is the new backlinks.

Google is now taking social media shares as a signal of an article’s authority and relevance.

In the past, Google saw backlinks as an excellent way to determine a blog’s authority, the more people linking to your site the more trustworthy you or your content were likely to be.

But People started to exploit it by buying backlinks and practicing black hat seo. Thus rendering this method useless. Now google's new major trust indicator in social media shares.

Think about it.

If a new blog post gets 0 Tweets and 0 Shares there is a chance it is of low value. A post that gets 1000 Tweets, on the other hand, is likely to be very useful for readers.

So, Promoting your content on social media helps in better search ranking, and it also helps you to build a loyal follower base.

Don't build backlinks blindly, Build Relevant link naturally.

Just because google deemed it's trust indicator as social media share doesn't mean backlinks are useless. Still Building backlinks is really one of the best way to improve your search ranking. It has it's uses, However it's no longer the same as before.

Quality Matters. Whatever it is content or backlinks, quality is the deciding factor. After the launch of Google’s web spam algorithm, Penguin on 2012, it is penalizing the blogs which buys links to improve search results. So, The more links the better is no longer true, it's better to get few quality links than building lot of low quality links.

How to build quality backlinks? Now-a-days Google makes sure that the links you provide has real value to users who might come across them. So, The best way to build quality backlinks and provide real value is to write amazing quality content, or guest post on the best blogs in your niche.

Also Read: 10 Things You Should Avoid While Building Backlinks

Make sure Your theme is SEO Optimized.

SEO Optimized theme helps google to crawl and understand your site better. An well designed theme also help in building brand. Thus just like quality content, quality theme also plays an important role in search engine and readers. Some of the things you can do to optimize your theme is:
  • Page Speed. Try to improve your blogs page speed(within 2-4 sec). Fast loading site help google to easily crawl your site.
  • Clean Code. Make sure your theme doesn't use any encrypted code and try to keep you theme code clean, free from errors.
  • Schema MarkUp. Although it doesn't helps to improve ranking. it definitely plays a major role in how your site looks in search engine. Thus improving the CTR.
  • Other OnPage SEO Factors. Apart for these there are still many ways to optimize your site. you can check the following link to know more about those.


With the many algorithm changes Google has gone through, now more than ever, content is King.

Google wants the best, most relevant content to rank highly, and the result is that SEO has become more human-friendly. Google is looking more at the kind of content you’re sharing with people, instead of the number of keywords you can shove into a blog post or website.

Still technical stuff like where you place your keyword in your H1, URL, meta description, and title tag matters. but more than that what maters most is the value of the content it serves to it's people.

As long as that requirement is met you can easily improve your blog search ranking. Hope you find this article useful. If yes, do share it and let me know your views in comment.


  1. Nice post, a big fan, I blog at oscarleeblog.com

  2. How about site structure (onpage SEO) from H1 to H6, is there any impact on it? Clean code for HTML using blogspot would be a little difficult but still possible. Do you have any template with SEO for blogspot dear? Thanks.

  3. 100% agree with this tips..

  4. I am so much impressed. I will try to implement some of the tips for my popular website http://www.tirumalahills.org


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