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Shared hosting, VPS, Dedicated, What is the difference?

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Shared hosting, VPS, Dedicated, What is the difference?

It took only fifteen years for the web is needed, both in the uses of the general public and professionals. As a result, very quickly, individuals and companies wanted to have space to host their own website.

To meet all needs, and to adapt to changes in technology, hosting companies now offer several types of highly differentiated offers: from shared hosting to dedicated hosting, from VPS to Cloud Hosting, this article proposes to explain simply and briefly the issues of these different types of accommodation.

Types of hosting:

To host a website, it is necessary to have disk space on a computer. Even if it is possible to host your site on a personal computer, at home or in the premises of a company, everyone would host their own website. But professional hosting companies have technical skills and practicality.

To have a suitable hosting for your future website, you must anticipate the necessary machine resources to make it work in good conditions.

It is therefore to define its bandwidth requirements, availability or as a guarantee of recovery in case of failure. But above all, it is to define the technical infrastructure of this hosting, which can take several aspects.

Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting is the most economical form of web hosting. Technically, it is to host on the same server several websites and this, as standard. These accommodations are pre-configured and pre-configured, so ideal if you do not have skills in server administration.

The flip side of this standardization is that it is not possible to customize the system environment, web server, applications or services. Suitable for small sites with low traffic, these accommodations do not have any particular security measures.

VPS (Virtual Private Server):

Hybrid system between shared and dedicated, the VPS consists of creating multiple virtual servers on the same real server, using virtualization software technologies.

Thus, the hard disk is shared with several other users, but each virtual server has its own CPU and its own memory allocation. The VPS, therefore, allows administration, settings, and installations more flexible than a shared server.

Dedicated server:

Top of the range web hosting, the dedicated server is to provide a user a machine reserved for your own use. The client has all the hardware resources of the server, without limitations, as well as the complete freedom to configure server programs, library installation or task programming. Take, for example, you have a celebrity news website and you choose a specific hosting company. The hosting company will give you your own server where you don’t have to share with other people.

Dedicated servers are more expensive than shared hosting but fully customizable. Knowledge of server administration is required unless entrusted to its technical service provider.

Cloud Hosting:

The concept of Cloud has developed with the massive virtualization of architectures. Cloud hosting is not just based on a physical machine divided into several virtual machines: it is based on the interconnection of several of these physical machines, divided into virtual machines itself.

The goal is to provide more flexibility, in order to be able to evolve in real time the power of a server according to the evolution of its needs. Ideal for websites that experience punctual consultation peaks for example.

Thus, the Cloud allows infinite sizing choices and increased scalability. Finally, the economic model of the Cloud is characterized by the fact that the user does not pay for a range of resources but rather according to the resources actually consumed.

Shared, dedicated, VPS or Cloud, it is important to understand the issues of these technologies in order to adopt the system that best meets its needs, whether management, performance, service, security, personalization or flexibility.


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