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What is the Best time to send Newsletter?

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What is the Best time to send Newsletter?

Emails are a raging form of social media marketing nowadays. It not only helps you to reach out to the target customers personally but is also an interactive and communicative method of advertisement.

But you must be thinking how effective it is?

Do people check all the emails which enter their inbox while the inbox is overflowing with hundreds of such promotional emails?

You have to be very careful of the timing when you are sending the email newsletters. You have to be aware that which time is best suited so that the recipient will open the mail?

Get-response will provide you with a detailed study. Read on to find out the best suitable time for sending newsletters.

What Is A Newsletter?

A newsletter is a infographic informative printed piece of document which educates people about an organization and its policies, terms or even a product sold or service catered by them. Hence, it is extremely useful for the prospective customers.

Make sure that you send them at the right time so that they are clicked on and opened and read. Here are some of the widely accepted guidelines about the perfect time to send newsletters.

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Popularly Accepted Guidelines For Sending Email Newsletters

Some popular guidelines should be followed regarding the time when a newsletter should be sent.
  • After the weekend is over, people usually stay mad at the arrival of Mondays. Do not risk sending promotional emails on Mondays because the chances are high that those emails just might get deleted without even being clicked on once.
  • Newsletters should be sent via email during the daytime. One should avoid sending newsletters or promotional emails at night for most people tend to get tired by the end of the day and doze off.
  • Also, avoid newsletters on weekends. People like to spend their weekends away from their gadgets and spending quality time with family. They go out for movies dinners or rides. Thus, sending newsletters and promotional emails on weekends is a sheer waste for they will be ignored.

The Best Time To Send A Newsletter Depends On Your Target Audience

There is no specific answer as such to the question “Which time is the best time to send email newsletters?” The answer is the time which is most suitable for sending newsletters varies from person to person.

You have to know your target audience and which time is best suited for whom. According to research done in the year 2013, out of the total population, 55-60% of the people check their emails on the desktop while the remaining percentage do it on mobile.

The use of devices is changing very rapidly with the advancement of technology. The youngsters hardly use computers nowadays. They prefer to do most of their work on their cellular phones. On the other hand, office goers sit in front of their desktop for a fixed duration of time each day, apart from weekends.

So if you are targeting the young crowd, it is best of you to send the emails in the evening or even late at night. That is the time when they are the most active with their mobile phones. Also, you have to be careful that if your newsletter has any link attached to it, it can be easily accessed from a mobile phone.

If your target audience belongs to the group of office goers, the perfect time to send email newsletters is in the afternoon, between 1 pm to 3 pm, while they have their lunch break or in the evening between 8 pm 10 pm, after they come back from work.

Homemakers manage to get some time for them in the afternoon. So, conduct a survey properly and customise the time for sending email newsletters accordingly.


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