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Qualities Needed to be a Successful Blogger in 2013

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Qualities Needed to be a Successful Blogger in 2013

Blogging is one of the ever green areas in internet. The advent of social networks and improved Google algorithm brings in more and more bloggers into blogging and abundant ad networks available to monetize their content make them think to take up blogging as their career. I have seen few bloggers last year, who just started their blog and within one year, they were able to reach great Alexa rankings with good PR. So there are few qualities to become a successful bloggers.

Be unique and work on your ideas:

Blogging is all about the originality of the contents that you publish and the keyword concentration in them. They should neither be too tightly packed nor low amount of keyword in your content. Take up an idea and start working on it more and more to develop a successful blog.

Work on a single niche:

This again concerns with the keyword on your blog. Try to fix up a single niche and keep posting on it. Mistake that many newbie bloggers do is that they keep switching niche and post contents of multiple niche on a single blog. By this their key word concentration decreases and they start losing followers to their blog.

Be interactive, Your followers would love a reply from you:

Low interaction? You miss out an important step in being a successful blogger. Be interactive in your blog. Reply to all the comments that you get on your blog and reply to each and every personal message you get via contact form of your blog. This will definitely help your blog being a frontrunner in your niche as people love gets replied back to them.

Learn essential softwares:

Just knowing the Wordpress or the blogger interface isn’t enough to run your blog. There are few more things that you should learn. Learn basic soft wares to maintain your blog like adobe PS, Dreamweaver, how to edit the photo that you are going to put on your blog and all that. Another important thing is learning to type speed. You aren’t going to publish one post per day typing with two fingers, can you? The basics of blogging are all about typing a lot.

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Expand your limits:

If you just have been blogging last time, try something new related to blogging. Maybe you can start a YouTube channel and keep uploading videos related to your blog. Or participate in a forum of your blog’s forte and help other people out. Or maybe you can become a regular guest author to a blog closely related to your niche and whom you consider as a competition.

Maintain friendly relationship with other bloggers:

Bloggers are nice and friendly people. In few forums I see bloggers fighting with each other over who is superior to others. Never do that. Bloggers work on spreading their ideas to the world and develop a more useful internet and there is no room for foes here. Let’s all work together.

Be dedicated and aspiring:

Fix up aims for yourself. In a piece of paper, write down the resolution you have for your blog this year. Maybe you decide to write a post everyday and the Alexa rank and the Google PR you want to achieve before the end of this year. Work on your resolution. Allot at-least half an hour for blog everyday and write a post and draft it whenever time permits

Happy and successful blogging :)
Author Bio:
This post is written by Gireesh Sundaram of CoreBlogging. He has been blogging for quite a while on Blogging tips and tricks, Gadgets review, blogging templates and product review. You can also follow him on twitter @GireeshBlogs


  1. Very nice and Informative article:)

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    1. Oops!! I forget to reduce it thanks for mentioning ;)

  2. Thanks for the tips, I might also mention that I love the design of your blog :D.

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  4. Chan Deep I would like to suggest this post to some of my friends mainly for the second point.

    I have seen many of them having a blog name "Tech...." but also post about gaming.Think this would be the right article for them.And for sure agree about the typing speed.

    Naanum Madura Kaaran Thaanda!!!

    1. Thanks Dude.

      Then I already know that you're from Madurai ;)

      Hahaha... BTW Naanum Madura Kaaran Thaanda (By Birth) ;)

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  7. @All above who said the article was informative: Thanks :)

    Happy blogging :)

  8. Gireesh, You have done a very fantastic work :) Your article was really awesome :) Thanks.

    - Bishal Biswas

  9. Hey Gireesh! The post is really good! the language is precise and clean! Ty for the tips! :)


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