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Do You Know These Little Known Benefits Of Creating Longer Posts?

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Benefits Of Creating Longer Posts
This is a Guest Article Written by Ammar – A young blogger who blogs on All Blogging Tips and likes to help small bloggers in building a profitable blog.

After deeply analyzing the benefits and harms of longer blog posts, I think its time for me to let the world know about it too.

In simple words, don't just always trust and follow what someone else, me or your friends say and instead try and experiment it yourself.

If you believe that something can work better if you add some points from your side, you probably should.

Before we get into details, take a look at examples:

The first one is cheap wordpress hosting. I wrote an in-depth article with proper heading and table to give people exact idea about finding inexpensive hosting. This post is 1800+ words.

Similarly, check my recent post about digitalocean alternatives which has around 1500 words and is quite in-depth.

These examples will surely help you produce more indepth content.

With that being said, let me take you to the list.

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6 Benefits of Creating Longer Posts

Opportunity to Deliver the Best:

Its just that simple. The longer you speak the better you can explain things. So, The longer you write the better you can help out your readers. Hence, longer posts give you the opportunity to explain your point at the best level possible.

I don't believe in "Content is King" and instead I like to add the word "Quality" into this quote. Perhaps it is not possible to count and figure out all the benefits and advantages that one has if he delivers quality content.

Give Them all At One Place:

There is nothing better than getting all things of our needs at one place. Readers really love when they are given more than what they were expecting and that's where longer or extensive posts come into play.

There are a lot of things you can explain related to any topic that you are delivering. Not only you can deliver the high quality content, but you make your readers happy at the same time.

Better Conversations:

Basically, Blogs exist for one purpose and that is conversation on some specific topic. Since, longer posts contain a lot of words, facts and things to think, follow and talk about they result in better and longer conversations.

In simple words, extensive blog posts result in more popularity, exposure and bring a lot more comments, shares as compared to shorter posts.

Anyone who blogs about anything surely wants to hear what people have to say about his work and his thoughts hence, getting good number of comments is always a pleasant thing for bloggers in all kinds of niches.

Improved Writing:

There is a very famous quote that is "Practice makes a man perfect" and it is 100% true. No doubt at all. The more you work on something, the better you get in that. Blogging and writing is no different.

Hence, the longer you write the more beneficial it becomes for you. Writing more and more brings and amazing flow in your articles which is very essential if you want to make a living as a writer/blogger.

And, nothing can be better to improve your writing skills than writing prolonged articles to explain everything at the best level possible.

Chance to Have A Break:

While reading a shorter article, the words are over before a reader actually realizes what kind of information is being poured on him. While on the other hand, the longer articles give the reader a break and Give Some time to think about your words and what you are trying to convince them about.

And, this is why the longer articles result to be more effective and mostly spark the ideas in minds of readers and readers end up praising you and sharing your content around at Social Media.

Easy to Follow:

Since, you get more time to talk to your readers, it is easy for you to tell them what's right and what's wrong.

And, for readers it is easy to get their problems solved using your words. Think about yourself for a moment. What do you find better when you are in trouble?
Guest post by Ammar – A young blogger who likes to help small bloggers in building a profitable blog. Visit his blog.


  1. Well presented. The longer the post, deliver more information, with more details.
    Long posts should be accompanied by all the SEO tips that we know how to optimize image loading, structuring the text the right way.

    Sometimes a long text without unordered lists, without headers, without bold, without completing pictures, get bad reading.

    Keep posting, please

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  3. Very nice post,

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